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Jerzy Lisak

Jerzy Lisak, painter for “Loving Vincent”

We are so proud that Jerzy Lisak will be the co-teacher to Paulina Olowska. He was part of the team of painter-animators in the  fully painted feature film ‘Loving Vincent’.

I’m sure he will add his excellent expertise in painting technique to the class. In 2002 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. He is often inspired by the history of art – especially by Renaissance and Baroque painting, therefore his own paintings is stylised and shows hints of grotesque. Jerzy sees painting as the art of perfect craftsmanship and also as a mystery: in studying the visible world as it is – and then “translating” it in his own painterly language. When Lisak is still exploring the secrets of alchemy of painting, he looks for harmony and play of colours. What he loves is attending open-air exhibitions or practicing wall-painting.,104,pl&autor=6.html

Alchemistic painting