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Ping Pong Performance, Course Marina Fokidis

…and some more questions

Conceived with the task of formulating as many questions as possible, the…
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Everything you always wanted to know about curating
Everything you always wanted to know about curating
How can we “curate” together in times of a recurring hyper-corporeality? What have been the major changes in the role of the curator and the museums over the past twenty years? And most particularly, when our everyday life is lived in physical distancing due to a global pandemic? What are the changes that might be foreseen in the structure of art institutions, and in the role of curators, museum directors, art professionals of all kinds, in the new era of planetary hygiene turbulence? What kind of exhibitions or other type of projects could and should be implemented today? For whom do we curate and to whom are we accountable? Is the architectural form of the exhibition vessel still valid, especially in times like ours, where the “public space” of the streets – the major point for people’s togetherness and interconnectedness – is deserted? What is the role of contemporary art in shaping a democratic public sphere? How can we learn from each other? Who needs us curators, anyway?

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