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Global/Planetary Academy – about the project

Transcultural learning has always taken place at the Summer Academy, but since its foundation in 1953 by the painter Oskar Kokoschka, methods and content have gradually changed. The International Summer Academy sees itself as a global academy, inviting teachers from all over the world; the students, too, come from up to 50 different countries.


The project Global/Planetary Academy aims to establish the Summer Academy as a hotspot for global art, tackling relevant questions and strengthening connections with other institutions worldwide, with particular attention to the Global South.

Starting with the Global Art conference in 2011, the project has continued to develop. In 2016 it was first presented to the public with the symposium Global Academy?, which focused on the question of how art can be learned and taught in the globalised world. Particular attention was paid to the global interconnection of diverse institutions devoted to the learning and teaching of art. We also asked how these institutions can network constructively, learning from one another and developing synergies. In 2017 we continued the project with lectures focusing on the art scenes in various Asian countries and in 2018 with a further symposium called Global Academy II, examples of transcultural exchange.

We have been co-operating since the 1980s with an artists' initiative in Tanzania, through which between one and three artists annually come to study at the Summer Academy. A further co-operation has been in place since 2012 with the CCA in Lagos, Nigeria, allowing one artist per year from Central Africa to participate in the Summer Academy.


All lectures and conferences are documented on our YouTube Channel.