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Performance class of Yorgos Sapountzis

Yorgos Sapountzis, Scenography

Next summer Yorgos Sapountzis will give the course Scenography as a place of longing. This course is a joint course with the class of Øyvind Torvund, who guides a course at the International Summer Academy of the University Mozarteum. The result will be therefore  a musical performance on August 16 at 4pm.


New cooperation with the Summer Academy of Music, Mozarteum


Believe it or not, there’s never been a joint course of the International Summer Academy of Music together with the Summer Academy of Fine Arts. This is even more astonishing as we, the “fine arts”, were already founded in 1953 and the music academy is even older. The difference between us, the two summer academies, could not be bigger. Summer Academy Mozarteum only has master classes for professionals and students and mostly one to one teaching. We the “fine arts”, however, are extremely open, open for everybody, although everybody has to apply with a portfolio. Teachers work with the students individually but also in groups, group discussions are an important integral part of the teaching methods.

I’m all the more pleased that this cooperation will take place in summer. The visual art students start to work with Yorgos on 29 July, the musicians join them one week later. As Yorgos and Øyvind already worked together, I’m sure they will match perfectly. Yorgos is a wonderful teacher, on the one hand he is very strict on the other he gives the students a lot of freedom. And at the same time he enables them to use the freedom in a productive and specific way. This workshop is open to many different approaches. Students may be coming from performance, theatre, dance, visual art, installation, sound art, cooking art etc.

Last year’s course

Interview with Yorgos

Øyvind Torvund

Photo: Mira Turba, final performance, left Yorgos Sapountzis