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Svenja Deininger

Svenja Deininger, Pendant

A pendant is a counterpart, a companion, it exists in English and in German (as a French word). Svenja Deininger calls her course “Pendant”. Her exhibition in the Secession in Vienna in 2017 was named “Echo of a Mirror Fragment”. Echo, mirror, pendant? Her paintings always enter into a dialog, a dialog with each other, when there are more than one, a dialog with the space and also a dialogue with the viewer.


I used to work as a curator at the Secession from 1987 till 1992, since then I almost saw every exhibition. We professionals often criticise, especially when we know something quite well. And the big exhibition hall of the Secession is a difficult space, especially for paintings … but this time, when I visited Svenja’s exhibition I was only fascinated and happy. I dived deep into the paintings. The whole exhibition was choreographed wonderfully, each single painting was a cosmos and together they were like a chorus, perhaps.


Anyhow, I’m extremely happy and thankful that Svenja will give this course next summer …


Photo: Installationview „Crescendo“, Marianne Boesky Gallery New York, 2018, credits: Object Studies, New York