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Louisa Elderton/Klaus Speidel

Writing in, on and through art. From art criticism to creative writing
10–15 August 2020

Jean-Michel Espitallier, Overlook’s Poems
Jean-Michel Espitallier, Overlook’s Poems, 2013, installation view from De l’écriture de l’écriture, Galerie Vincenz Sala, 2015, photo: Andreas B. Krueger

Sold out!


Hohensalzburg Fortress and Online

Teaching language

What to bring
Something with which to write – a laptop or pen and paper.


Maximum number of participants
8 on site, 7 online

Participation fee
€ 460.– (€ 380.–); online €350.– (€ 300.–)

Are you an artist integrating writing into your practice? An art critic, art historian or journalist writing about art? A curator or gallerist articulating the intricacies of an artist’s practice? You would like to try writing professionally? Or you're an art enthusiast keen to experiment with writing? This course creates a space where you can concentrate exclusively on writing, with support and guidance from experts with more than twenty years of art world experience.

After a sound introduction into writing about art, the focus will be on the practice of writing and editing. We will examine different forms of art writing, from the Renaissance up to the present day, and discuss different approaches. We examine how form, style, voice and narrative can be used to different effect, and experiment with what we have learned. You choose the direction you wish to take. The course will give you basic tools and precepts to develop your own style of writing.

Taking into account the restrictions that the current COVID-19 crisis presents for some people, there are two ways you can participate: Either you are able to travel to Salzburg or you can join the class remotely. We see this combination as an opportunity for experimentation: seeing with someone else’s eyes; being present while we are afar. Students in Salzburg will be paired with those in remote locations, as well as with artists, and together we will delve into the complexities of art writing.
Louisa Elderton is a British writer, editor and critic living in Berlin, specialising in art and contemporary culture. She writes for many papers and journals, including Flash Art, The New York Times, Frieze and Artforum. She was a curator at the London art gallery Blain|Southern and teaches art writing at the Berlin Art Institute.

Publications (recent)
Andrea Servert, Robert Klanten (ed.): The New Mediterranean: Homes and Interiors Under the Southern Sun, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2019.
Thomas Schnalke: Anatomy: Exploring the Human Body, Phaidon Press, Berlin 2019.

Editorial work
Editor-in-chief of Lee Mingwei (in printing, Gropius Bau, 2020)
Project editor of Vitamin D3: New Perspectives in Drawing (in printing, Phaidon Press, 2020)

German image and art theorist Klaus Speidel is an art critic and curator. He writes for various print media, including Frankfurter Allgemeine, Der Standard and The Art Newspaper. He is co-founder of Verein K and facilitates Crit Cross. He currently teaches art history, art and curation in Vienna and image theory in Paris.

Publications (recent)
Magazines and newspapers
Klaus Speidel: Wie Pinselstriche Geschichten erzählen, in: Der Standard, 21 September 2019.
Klaus Speidel: Sie wollen uns erzählen, in: Frankfurter Allgemeine, 17 April 2019.

Book contributions
Klaus Speidel: “Figurerzählung, Spurerzählung und das Problem der Narration im Bild. Theoretische Grundlagen und empirische Evidenz”, in: Meret Kupczyk, Ludger Schwarte, Charlotte Warsen (ed.), Kulturtechnik Malen, Munich 2019.
Portrait photos Louisa Elderton, Klaus Speidel
Portrait photo Elderton: Rebecca Crawford
Portrait photo Speidel: Verein K