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Karin Reichmuth

Listen to the stone
28 July–24 August 2019

Karin Reichmuth, dressed in marble
Dressed in marble, 2015, carrara marble,
photo: Karin Reichmuth

Sold out!

Stone sculpture

Kiefer quarry, Fürstenbrunn

Teaching language
English (teacher also speaks German and Italian, co-teachers also speak Arabic and Danish)

What to bring
Weatherproof clothing, head covering, protective goggles and gloves, earmuffs, dust mask, stout work shoes (with steel toe-caps), concept, sketches or models, good spatial imagination, pleasure in physical work

Interest in working with stone; experience in stone sculpture welcome but not essential

Maximum number of participants

Mikkel Holm Torp, Sherine Anis

Participation fee
€ 1,200.– (€ 880.–)

The Untersberg quarry, which for centuries has provided the so-called “Untersberg marble” (in fact a limestone), offers ideal conditions for different approaches to the material, in order to enable students to find their own style. Living and working on site for four weeks, they will form an idea of the dimensions and processes involved in quarrying and working stone – in both past and present.

We will get to know the possibilities and limitations of working with limestone, and explore the light, colour and texture of this hard, heavy medium. We will also experiment with various ways of handling the stone, and hone existing skills, as well as finding out what forms this stone will allow. Besides the manual technique, the focus will be on the process of making artistic decisions. How can a contemporary question be combined with sculpture? Spatial imagination and manual skill open up a dimension of self-awareness that coincides directly with sculpture.

Students in this course generally live and work in the former workers’ houses on site. Everyday life in the quarry (cooking, cleaning, etc.) is organised by the students themselves. From Saturday evening 27 July 2019, simple dormitory accommodation is available in the quarry grounds for € 7.– per night. An invoice will be issued in advance.

Karin Reichmuth, born in Uznach (CH) in 1979, lives and works in Goldingen (CH) and Carrara (IT). After serving a stonemason’s apprenticeship in Winterthur (CH) and Rüti (CH), she studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, spending a study period abroad at the Lístaháskoli in Reykjavík. She subsequently had a residency in the Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seyoisfjörour (IS), a grant from the Cultural Office of the canton St. Gallen for a study period in Rome and further working periods in Reykjavík und Carrara.

Karin Reichmuth’s work focuses mainly on situations arising from a change of location. Thus points of intersection between laws of physics, energetically charged states and everyday events become the object of her work. Tension with an original state is generated, and apparent dichotomies are resolved: the move is concluded through the process-oriented work on the stone. The result is a sculpture.

Exhibitions and projects
2018 Kunstspinnerei18, Uznach (CH). 2017 V Simposio Internazionale di scultura a mano, Piazza Duomo, Carrara. 2016 Grosse Regionale, Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil (CH). Me, Nextex, St. Gallen (CH). Just a perfect day, Park and gallery of Weierthal spa, Winterthur. Spazio 1929, Lugano (CH). Art in public space, Sundahöfn harbour, Reykjavík.
Karin Reichmuth
Portrait photo: Angela Simi