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Mette Sterre

There's No Flesh
Mette Sterre, Installation view Galerie Kunst im Traklhaus, 2023. Photo: Rudolf Strobl

There's No Flesh

Bodies liquefy when their appearance combines with new technologies contrary to cultural notions. Mette Sterre's (b. 1983, Delft/Netherlands) work constantly reappropriates and appreciates bodies in techno-social contexts. Drawing on ideas of post/transhumanism, queer/feminism and science fiction, the artist approaches bodies more than as just a substantial mass (flesh). Voluminous body suits, 3D-printed figures and the fusion of different materials such as plastic and oil together with the human body show a world where bodies resemble their surroundings and thus point to a future beyond anthropocentrism.

Exhibition Opening
19 May 2023, Galerie Kunst im Traklhaus
6 p.m. Artist talk with Mette Sterre in English, 7 p.m. opening

For the International Summer Academy Mette Sterre teaches the course 'On Furlough /// To Entertain My Paracosmic Playdates Reality Show' (17-29 July 2023).

At the same time in the Showroom Kunst im Traklhaus

On Solidarity
Films in Times of War
April - September 2023

20 May - 10 June 2023
Anna Scherbyna / Valentina Petrova, Sisters (2019), 12 min.

Galerie Kunst im Traklhaus
Waagplatz 1a, 5020 Salzburg

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 2-6 p.m.; Saturday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Free admission

19 May 2023, 6 p.m. Artist talk with Mette Sterre in English, 7 p.m. opening