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Healing For a Sick Painting
14–26 August 2023

KAYA,Boorwester (healing SPA for a sick painting) with Violence and Kirsten Kilponen, 2021.

Expanded Painting

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Teaching language

What to bring:
Please bring 1 short sentence (english) of your choice. This sentence can be your own writing, from your favorite book or poem or from any other source of media you relate to
Please bring your artist statement (200 words)
Please bring 5 A4 color-print outs of your artworks
Please bring 5 digital images of your work (or a digital pdf of your work)
Please bring an old painting you are very unhappy with


Maximum number of participants

Participation fee
€ 640,– (reduced € 480,–)

Drawing on their shape-shifting, mimic-octopus-like practice, on alternative art-historical genealogies and on an interest in some of the metaphysical strands of abstraction, KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers) explores artistic fields of discourse and activities situated beyond the canvas, in order to engage with a multiversal reality.

The work of KAYA incorporates aspects of painting, sculpture and performance into a working process that is also designed to invite a collective expansion. The identity of the artists and the question of authorship are destabilised, as is the relationship between painting and corporeality (body-space). Through the use of chance and error, craft and technology, painting’s animistic qualities and metaphysics, KAYA transforms categories such as process, product, reception, subject and subjectivity.

KAYA Solo shows
2023 HISTORY_HERSTORY, Deborah Schamoni, Munich (DE). 2022 HOME, CICCIO, New York City, NY (US). 2020 The Juwel Box, SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA (US). 2018 KAYA_The Store presents CFGNY, Nic Xedro, N.O.Madski, Nhu Duong, Capri, Düsseldorf (DE)

KAYA Group shows
2022 Future Bodies from a Recent Past, Museum Brandhorst, Munich (DE). 2021/2020/2019 VILLA ROMANA Fellows, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Brunswick (DE). 2021 AB7: ECLIPSE, Athens Biennale, curated by Omsk Social Club and Larry Ossei- Mensah, Athens. 2020 Radical Passivity I, with N.O.Madski, NGBK, Berlin. YOU, Musee d’Art modern de la Ville de Paris, Lafayette Anticipation Collection, Paris. 2019 40,000, A Museum of Curiosity, Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial 2019, Fellbach (DE), Hybrid Sculpture, Contemporary Sculpture from the Collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

KAYA Performances
2021 KAYA Boorswester_Healing Spa for a sick Painting, AB7: ECLIPSE, Athens Biennale, Athens. 2019 KAYA Firenze_Kamera con Orso, VILLA ROMANA, (IT). 2018 KAYA Yo Nah Yo Ho Healing performance for a sick painting (with Kirsten Kilponen), Bärenzwinger, Berlin. KAYA, Friends and Family Featuring Mariechen Danz and Johannes Paul Raether, including Loredana and Nicolas An Xedro, Tropez im Sommerbad Humboldthain, Berlin. 2015 KAMP KAYA feat. KAYA, KUB Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz (AT). Paramount Ranch 2, KAYA invited by Freedman Fitzpatrick, incl. Daniel Chew as Burmamyanmar, with Strautcherepnin, Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles, CA (US)

Education including teaching experience 

Debo Eilers
2009 Undergrad Sculpture class (BA), Columbia University SoA, New York, NY (US)

Kerstin Brätsch
2020 Substitute Professor at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg (DE)
2017 Guest Professor (Painting class) at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, (DE)
2015 Visiting critic (MfA Painting department) School of the Art Institute of Chicago SAIC , Chicago, IL (US)
2014 Guest Professor (Painting Class) at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (DE)
2013 Visiting critic, MfA Columbia University SoA, New York, NY (US)

2017 KAYA NAPOLI, workshop, MADREscenza – Seasonal School, Naples, Italy, (KAYA)