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Angewandte Wien

Deschooling Art

My School of Seeing (1953), Oskar Kokoschka’s founding text for the Summer Academy, emphasises the inspiration of artistic creation through seeing. This philosophy opened the academy to approaches that stood in stark contrast to the academism of painting at the time.

What seeing means has changed through social criticism of visual perception and current digital developments. In its artistic expression, a “New School of Seeing” tries to free itself from current art tendencies and find methods that reflect a theory and practice of seeing today.

For this exhibition, students of the Department of Painting and Animated Film, directed by Prof. Judith Eisler, at the University of Applied Arts Vienna dealt with Kokoschka's “School of Seeing” as well as with influential texts by John Berger (Ways of Seeing, 1972) and Rudolf Arnheim (Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye, 1974 / 1954). Both authors shaped an expanded cultural interpretation of seeing and, thus, a new understanding of art and aesthetics.

Artists: Cristian Antoniu, Baurjan Aralov, Luzie Bommert, Paulina Buda, Janne Marie Dauer, Fabian Dierksheide, Nikolaus Kohout, Adam Meszaros, Leonie Agnes Roithner / Lea Sofie Scholl, Masa Sallai, Erin Sankey, Sophie Schagerl, Valentino Skarwan, Jesaja Aljoscha Trummer, Marcus Wagner, Rosalie Werthefrongel.
At the same time in the Showroom Kunst im Traklhaus

On Solidarity
Films in Times of War
April - September 2023

09 September - 30 September 2023
Angelika Ustymenko, Ukrainian Queer Fighters for Freedom, 2022, 29'04", b/w, Ukrainian (English subtitles)
Angelika Ustymenko und Alex King, Rebel Queers: Ukraine’s Queer Resistance, 2023, 15'17", colour, Ukrainian and English (English subtitles)

Kunst im Traklhaus Gallery
Waagplatz 1a, 5020 Salzburg

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 2-6 p.m.; Saturday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Free admission

08 September 2023, Galerie Kunst im Traklhaus
6 p.m. Talk with the artists of the exhibition and Stefan Wykydal (Senior Artist, University of Applied Arts Vienna), 7 p.m. opening