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Collage by Sammy Baloji

Sammy Baloji

I’ve never met Sammy Baloji in person. I got to know his work in 2016, when I saw his seminal exhibition in Wiels, Brussels. His videos gave very specific insight in the mining industry in Kongo. His astonishing visual language not only of the videos but also of the photographs were fascinating me.


Sammy does not only produce art, he’s also active as a teacher and he is also involved in the Biennial in Lubumbashi, where he lives. He’s also a co-curator of Congo Stars, an exhibition I recently saw in Graz.


Meanwhile I talked to Sammy on Skype, he decided to work with Lotte Arndt and …. this is one of the courses I’d really like to participate myself… I’m deeply convinced, that learning a “postcolonial dialog” is hard work and needs good teachers, I believe Sammy is one.


See here his course


See here an interview with Sammy for a project of his: