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‘Remember when…’

by Katarina Radovic

I created an almost dreamlike love story from the personal archive of images and other material exchanged between my partner and me over the course of a year-long relationship. Our communication was mostly conducted via WhatsApp, sometimes Gmail and rarely Facebook. The last six months of separation, due to the aftermath of Covid19, marked a period of intense longing and despair, broken dreams and failed plans. In the video, I speak in the first person, sometimes in an imagined dialogue, going back in time and keeping the relationship going in spite of real obstacles.   

Photo credits:

Katarina Radovic

Christophe Gauci

‘Bring me my arrow of desire’: the original Italian film poster for Pasolini’s 1974 Il Fiore delle Mille e Una Notte

Kira Gyngazova, ‘Tongue’

Joel Peter Witkin – ‘History of the (White) World – Venus and the Madelene’

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  • 21 August 2020
by Recently deleted
Recently deleted
Nowadays we use our camera, mostly with our phones, widely to produce numerous visual data. This material is often dismissed, deleted, shared online, and in the best case stored in its digital form. In this course, participants used their (phone’s) photo and video libraries to develop and produce a personal as well as a collective body of work.

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