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Painting by Paulina Olowska

Paulina Olowska, Alchemistic Painting

Every painter wants to be a genius. He/she desires to produce the perfect painting, which is recognized by the biggest possible public. What makes painting so fascinating is, that each one contains a universe. It doesn’t depend on wether it’s figurative or abstract. Is it the medium itself? oil on canvas? Are these my childish fantasies of painters and paintings? Anyway, Paulina Olowska’s course refers to these questions as alchemy. This is the early science which dealt with the production of gold out of other “minor” materials.


Painting means creating a new world on the canvas out of pigment, oil and some sort of glue. Painting is for Paulina a fictional space. Alchemy might help to come closer to the desired painting.


We are already discussing with Paulina what she will need in her class, stuffed animals but also living ones as models, opera costumes for life models… I can assure you it will intensive, creative and a lot of fun. Paulina and the co-teachers will give a broad variety of input, technical wise, which is very important for Paulina as well as theory and history. You will have super interesting and intense discussions, one to one and in groups.


Photo: Paulina Olowska, Window Display GUM, 2018, 190 x 200 cm, photo: Waldemar Dudziak


this is Paulina’s lecture form 2017, when she taught for the first time