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Opening of the 2016 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Programme of Events 18 July–27 August

  • 12 July 2016


Press release
Programme of Events 18 July–27 August

The Summer Academy starts on 18 July 2016, with the first eight of 22 courses.


Global Academy? – the title of a long-term project of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, focusing on the future of the Academy – is the motto of both the 2016 course programme and the programme of events, as well as the title of this year’s conference.


The six-week programme (18 July – 27 August) consists of 22 courses. The teachers – all of them successful in the global art world as artists, critics or curators – bring to bear their experience in Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, France, Ghana, Greece, the UK, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Spain, the USA, and of course Austria and Germany.


Once again this year, teachers will be working with students from more than 50 countries, so the question, in keeping with our motto, will be how art is defined in a global world, what role is assigned to it – or what role it claims – in society, and how and whether art can be locally effective and globally comprehensible.


What’s new?
In a continuing focus on artistic techniques, Imran Qureshi is teaching – a first in the history of the Summer Academy – miniature painting and contemporary artistic practice. Qureshi will introduce his students into the ancient technique of miniature painting, a tradition little known in Europe but still practised in India and Pakistan. The students will also learn how to make the paper, brushes and pigments.


Aaron Angell will acquaint the students with various ceramic techniques; they will learn how to mix their own glazes and build a simple kiln – though they will not work with a potter’s wheel.


2016 Programme of Events
Global Academy

Transcultural learning has always been carried out at the Summer Academy – but methods and content have continued to evolve since the painter Oskar Kokoschka founded the Academy in 1953. If the teachers and students came initially from Western Europe and North America, today they come from all over the globalised art world. The resulting opportunity of establishing a global network of teachers and students is a fundamental element of our operation – and our success.


Global Academy?
The Summer Academy project Global Academy?, planned several years ahead, deals with how art can be learned and taught globally. The first stage of the project is the conference of this title, to be held in Salzburg on 5/6 August 2016, building on our 2011 Global Art symposium.

The high quality and professionalism of the various workshops, schools and academies founded worldwide during recent years offer an excellent picture of all that is possible. These mostly self-organised, non-academic training and further education institutions – which function solely through the intense commitment of all participants – could, with their minimal administrative structures and innovative potential, be models for the future development of the Summer Academy. In lectures and presentations, representatives from nine different countries talk about their various institutions, and we have tried to offer as wide a selection as possible, in order to present different models, methods and forms of organisation – as for instance Spring Sessions in Amman (JO), ruangrupa in Jakarta (ID), Casa Tres Patios in Medellín (CO), RAW in Dakar (SN), Roaming Academy in Arnhem (NL) or Open School East in London (GB). Common to all of them is on the one hand their global perspective, and on the other their local anchoring, together with their aspiration to constant renewal and the development and testing of new models.


Artists’ talks
In contrast to previous years, there will be no artists’ talks in Hohensalzburg Fortress. This year, our teachers will give presentations in various Salzburg art institutions: Galerie im Traklhaus, Fotohof, Museum of Modern Art, and especially Galerie 5020. Generally, two teachers will present their works for discussion in one evening.


Exploring Salzburg
Last year’s series of town walks was devoted to a “view from outside” on Salzburg; now the 2016 walks take the contrary view, looking for places in Salzburg which reveal a longing for distant climes. Such a longing may be represented by a monastery garden (hortus conclusus), by an artist-in-residence programme in a variety of distant places, by an English garden or a collection of Asian textile art.


In a two-part exhibition on the theme of Archive, Summer Academy co-teachers offer insights into their current work. In collaboration with the periscope project space, Sonja Bendel, Gregor Eldarb, Giovanni Giaretta, Katharina Karner, Bernhard Lochmann, Noële Ody, Matthew Peers, Nina Prader, Viktoria Schmid, Sam Siwe, Anton Stuckhart and Michael Wegerer demonstrate their personal approach to collecting and archiving.


Open Days
Anyone wishing to know more about the focus and the production of this year’s Summer Academy, the concerns of artists and curators today, and what artistic work and curatorial texts have emerged from the courses, is cordially invited to attend the Open Days in Hohensalzburg Fortress, in the town (feld72 and Marc Monzó) and in the Kiefer quarry, Fürstenbrunn (Andreas Lolis).


Blogger in residence
For the duration of the 2016 Summer Academy, Göksu Kunak will observe, reflect and discuss the activities, making daily entries in the blog www.summeracademy/blog. Resident in Berlin, she is a writer, blogger and curator, a correspondent for Ibraaz Publishing and a member of the editorial team of the quarterly interview magazine mono.kultur. Her short stories and poems are available on the literary blog and at


General information
All events are open to the public free of charge. Details of times and locations are available on our homepage under the menu option EVENTS 2016


Further details and photo material

Simone Rudolph,, +43 (0) 662 842 113