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International Summeracademy of Fine Art / Class Michael Beutler

Michael Beutler, In the conglomerate

In the conglomerate, Michael Beutler’s course, is starting from the rock on which the fortress stands. It is partly conglomerate, a stone out of other stones held together with a kind of natural cement. The summeracademy courses are situated in this fortress on a tiny mountain in midst of the old town. From the studios you have a wonderful view to the High Alps.

Michael is a passionate teacher, who loves to work in a team. His wonderful co-teacher 2019 will be Ida Lennartsson, who is a great artist herself. Michael and Ida together with Martin Belou (see the photo above) taught already in 2017 a very intensive class, with great results at the final open studio day. Students were absolutely fascinated.

Michael Beutler does installation work. His starting point for his exhibitions is usually the local situation. Very often he works together with local craftsmen. As in his class, he always loves to work in groups and is able to bring a creative spirit into these situations, where everybody is then able to give his/her best.

You get more information on Michael’s working methods in his artist talk 2017:

Photo: Mira Turba, teachers Michael Beutler Class 2017, from left to right

Ida Lennartsson, Michael Beutler, Martin Belou, all a bit tired from too intensiv teaching