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Exploring Salzburg

SOUTH: Southbound – setting actions in motion
19 August 2020 / 6–7 pm CEST

Exploring Salzburg, Summer Academy 2015
Exploring Salzburg, Summer Academy 2015, photo: Mira Turba

Anita Thanhofer, culture digitalist, art historian and culture educator from Salzburg, offers the only exclusively digital town walk – a digital experiment aiming to enable people to follow directions and experience the south (whether on site or online). The walk will take place wherever the walkers happen to be, the starting-point chosen by participants; each with their own smartphone and headset, they can move together, even if they have not started from the same place. The group will meet in the Zoom video conference room, using the digital space as the medium for visualisation and co-creation field. Terrains, experiences and observations in urban, rural and intermediate space towards the south will be cartographised as a temporary shared experience for digital mapping

Meeting-point: online
Language: English
The horizon is not the limit

The motto of this year's Summer Academy, "New Horizons", is also the theme of the town walks, curated by Karin Buchauer. What is a horizon, where and how can you find it? What happens on a town walk – what does “walking” mean?

Starting from the four compass points and the assumption that walking is not only a means of human mobility, but can be an artistic, spiritual and scientific practice, we would like to walk in a different way round Salzburg with those interested, to look with fresh eyes and see what walking does with us. Walking gets something going – the circulation, the brain, the social relationships so restricted by isolation during the pandemic. A walk relaxes and brings benefits. At any rate, there are things yet to be discovered on familiar paths and new routes.

Our guides will be a geoinformatics specialist, a researcher in ecomedicine, two literary scholars and an art educator, who will take us along familiar and unfamiliar routes through Salzburg and with surprising insights towards new horizons. In the present situation, we are overstepping the current group limits for participation in the town walks, so for the first time it will be possible to participate online!