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Cäcilia Brown/Anna Hofbauer/Mikkel Holm Torp

18 August 2020 / 7–8.30 pm CEST

Mikkel Holm Torp, Fontæne uden vand, 2020, Cotta sandstone, detail from the online exhibition Potentialitet, photo: Mikkel Holm Torp

Does collaborative work start with communication? Everything you’ve seen in your life and all the exhibitions you have visited – no one is genuine, you’re never alone. It’s collaborating not at the same time nor in the same place, or the other extreme of ten people in the same room discussing one idea. You need other tools, tools of communication. What is authorship? What is the position of the individual in a group? What is the economic aspect? Do you appear bigger through collaboration? Forces are bundled. If you're present in a room, together, what kind of communication is that? Things you can’t express in words – communicating through action – like installing an exhibition – you do it, you move an object in the space and you feel the difference immediately, and only afterwards you find words, arguments, for your action. Work in a stone-quarry is tough, everybody's grey in the face, eating only porridge, it has this stigma of prison. Collaborative work is working against a stigma, surfing around the rocks, creating your own work burden – becoming your own stone.

Cäcilia Brown, Anna Hofbauer and Mikkel Holm Torp will talk about collaborative work and common ground in their art practice.

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Cäcilia Brown, born in Sens (FR) in 1983, focuses with her sculptures on public space. Her latest works use roof beams and other material from demolished buildings, in allusion to socio-economics of urban life and increasing commercialisation of the property market. She lives and works in Vienna.

Solo exhibitions (recent)
2018 Es gibt Ecken, aus denen kommt man nicht mehr raus, Gabriele Senn Galerie, Vienna. 2017 Spuren der Zeit, Leopold Museum, Vienna. Luxusprobleme, Gabriele Senn Galerie, Vienna. Normalities, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, NY (US).

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 Brown, Meier, Raff, Nicolas Krupp Contemporary Art, Basel (CH). Über das Neue. Junge Szenen in Wien, Belvedere 21, Vienna. 2018 Susi klebt sich in die Ecke und schreibt Biedermeier an die Wand, Belvedere 21, Vienna. Women of the Town, Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin. Performance – Körper als Kontinuum in der Kunst, Gabriele Senn Galerie, Vienna. Space for Kids. WeltTraumStadt, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna.

Anna Hofbauer works between sculpture and photography, often based on structures borrowed from narrative forms such as novels, diaries, myths, essays or screenplays. She has participated in exhibitions and sculpture workshops in Europe and Asia and performs slideshow presentations that link depictions of sculptures and landscapes with historic and ongoing narrations of sculpture and society. She is a co-founder of the non-commercial exhibition space BLACKBRIDGE OFF, Beijing, where she curated group shows and film programmes from 2010 until 2015.

Solo exhibitions (recent)
2018 BOSCH & HOFBAUER. Anna Hofbauer: Drucke, Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. 2017 mein Vulkan bricht nur für dich nicht aus Anna Hofbauer, FOX, Vienna. 2016 GHOSTS look somewhat different 2016, A307, Vienna. terracotta conflisi, Galerija 42°, Cetinje (ME).

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 Al fresco, V.esch, Kaltenleutgeben (AT). TWO MEN STANDING. Part 2, Out of Sight, Antwerp (BE). #oblaka. Dave’s house, Detroit, MI (US). 2018 Newjörg Immendorf, New Jörg, Düsseldorf (DE). Shifting Point(s), periscope, Salzburg (AT). Mittelbau, Skulpturinstitut, Vienna.

Anna Hofbauer, Bianca Regl (ed.): BLACKBRIDGE OFF, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna 2018.

Mikkel Holm Torp, born in Frederiksberg (DK) in 1987, lives and works in Copenhagen and Carrara (IT). After serving his stonemason apprenticeship in Copenhagen he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara. Based on the historical relationship between narrative and stone, his work focuses on how the solidification of the past becomes visible in the creation of personal fictions.
Portrait photos Cäcilia Brown, Anna Hofbauer, Mikkel Holm Tort
Portrait photo Brown: Mischa Leinkauf
Portrait photo Hofbauer: Dominik Hruza
Portrait photo Torp: Claus Torp