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Maria Bussmann

Sharpening Pencil and Thoughts
15–27 August 2022

Maria Bussmann, From Times to Times
Maria Bussmann, From Times to Times, 18 drawings on kidney shaped table, each: 44,5 x 31 cm, pencil and coloured pencil on newspaper, 2020

Sold out!

Drawing, Theory/praxis

Either Fortress Hohensalzburg (on site) or online

Teaching language

What to bring
Pencils, drawing block or sketch book, sharpener, eraser


Maximum number of participants

Assistant teacher
Taylan Akarca

Participation fee
€ 640,– (reduced € 480,–)

Drawing is the archetypal form of artistic expression – think of prehistoric depictions on cave walls. Drawing is also an academic discipline, as life drawing was long reserved for men only. The connection between philosophy – in particular feminist philosophy- and drawing has the potential to open up a stimulating, unobstructed view of this basic technique and to enable new approaches. Pencils and thoughts can be sharpened!

It is with good reason that there are linguistic parallels between the two activities. We sketch ideas, develop lines of argument, draw conclusions.

The class will read and discuss texts by Hannah Arendt and other authors (previous knowledge is not required).

A pencil can be seen as an extension of the hand. Physicality is also a focus of the course.

Participants will be supported in pursuit of their own ideas and encouraged to imagine new projects. Quiet work and individualized instruction are important components of the course, as are communal excursions into the city.
Maria Bussmann is both an artist and a trained philosopher (PhD). Her works represent an insistent attempt to fathom the epistemological quality of her medium of drawing. Her subjects grow out of her trust in the generative force of philosophy and literature, as well as out of personal references such as temporary places of residence or current political discussions.
Since 2000, she has been a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, at the Institute of Art Theory, and a lecturer in Gender Studies. She also is experienced as curator.

Solo Exhibitions
2021 From Times to Times (with Othmar Eder), Gallery Basement, Vienna. Ungeheuerliche/ outrageous, Gallery Frewein, Vienna. 2019 Stilles Vergnügen/ quiet pleasures, Nordico Museum, Linz (AT). 2018 A Cappuccino for Herrn Adorno, Kunstverein Frankfurt/Oder (DE). 2016 either way, Gallery Frosch & Portmann, New York, NY (US). 2010 Long Beach, Graphic Cabinett, Secession, Vienna

Group exhibitions
2022 Nähe, Distanz und Ausweichchancen/ Closeness, distance and chance to escape, riesa-efau, Kulturform Dresden, Motorenhalle, Dresden (DE). 2021 50 Years Hilger, Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna. 2020 Fragile Schöpfung, Dom Museum, Vienna. 2018 Abenteuer Freihandzeichung /Adventure of Drawing, Vereinigung bildenden Künstler, Leipzig (DE). 2004 Museum of Modern Art, Cabinet des Dessins No1, St. Etienne (FR)

David Carrier, Philosophical Skepticism as the Subject of Art: Maria Bussmann’s Drawings, Bloomsbury Publishing House, London 2022
Maria Bussmann/ Sven Jürgensen, Liebe: Sophie, Briefe aus dem Lockdown über Schellings Freiheitsabhandlung, Passagen Verlag, Vienna 2021
Bilder für Hannah- ein Entstehungsprozess, in Sozialwissenschaftliche Rundschau AT: Hannah Arendt- interdisziplinäre Perspektiven, Heft 2/2021, Jg.61, Vienna 2021.
Maria Bussmann: Allerdings, Zeichnungen und Skulpturen, artist book, Passagen Verlag, Vienna, 2018
Maria Bussmann: Long Beach, NY, artist book, Secession, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2010

Education including teaching experience
1987–93 Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg (DE) and Vienna
1999 Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Vienna and Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna
2002–04 Visiting Scholar (Erwin-Schrödinger- Stipend, FWF) at the State University of New York, NY (US). SUNY at Stony Brook, member of the techno-science-research-group
Maria Bussmann