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Randa Mirza/Lara Tabet

13 August 2020 / 6–7 pm CEST

Jeanne et Moreau, Ground Zero - view from our window
Jeanne et Moreau, Ground Zero - view from our window , 6 August 2020, courtesy of the artists

Nothing is happening...delete the picture!

An artist talk by Jeanne et Moreau.

On the 4th of August a catastrophic explosion destroyed half of the city of Beirut leaving many of its inhabitants dead, wounded and without a shelter.

This tragedy hits Lebanon amidst an economical collapse and hyperinflation caused by the corrupt ruling class and worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. A year in images: from untamed forest fires to the October 17th revolution halted by the covid19 outbreak culminating in a devastating chemical explosion.

Jeanne et Moreau is the alias of artist duo Lara Tabet and Randa Mirza. Their collaboration started in 2018 with End to End Encrypted, an audiovisual bio-fiction on love and desire in the digital age. Their project was presented at Unseen Amsterdam, at the Curiosa Sector of Paris Photo, at Galerija kluba Kocka, Split (HR), at Manifesta 12 Collateral Events in Palermo (IT) and at Galerie Tanit in Beirut.


You can support people in Beirut and Lebanon through the following links, which are recommended by the artists:


Impact Lebanon Relief


Lebanese red cross





Beit El Baraka


Food Blessed


Baytna Baytak




Basma (House Renovation program)


Basmeh and Zeitooneh for Relief and Development

Endless Medical Advantage

Kafe Be Kafak


Ahla Fawda




The Humanitarian Coalition + The Lebanese Canadian Coalition


Saint Paul Movement


Double your donation here


Hammam Radio


Saint Hoax and Plastik

Beit Beit




LA Cedars Rotary Club

Egna Legna


Aline Deschamps


Vulnerable LGBTQ



Campaign for arts and culture community led by AFAC - Arab Fund for Arts and Culture 


Beirut Art Fund led by Mophradat


The Arab Image Foundation, one of the most important photo archive in the region


Art and exhibition space Sursock Museum


Independent bookstore Aaliya’s Books


Theater Relief Group in Lebanon


More links on rebuilding Beirut’s arts and culture community here
Randa Mirza was born in Beirut in 1978, she lives between Marseille (FR) and Beirut. She works mainly with photography and live video performances, and questions the nature of images and their social uses. Her practice is related to identity with a focus on gender studies and postcolonial discourses. She manipulates the photographic image to reveal the discourses inherent in all representations on the tenuous border between fiction and reality.

Solo exhibitions (recent)
2019 El-Zohra Was Not Born in a Day, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles (FR). 2018 Moussem Vitrine, Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre, Brussels.

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 C’est Beyrouth, Institut des Cultures d’Islam, Paris. La Fabrique des illusions, Sursock Museum, Beirut. 2018 Living in the Mediterranean, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM), Valencia (ES).

Lara Tabet, born in Achkout (LI) in 1983, is a practising medical doctor and visual artist. Her artistic practice is informed by her background in pathology and inspects the legacy of trauma in Lebanon. Her most recent work contemplates the relationship between the individual and public/private space in connection with gender, sexuality and identity.

Solo exhibitions (recent)
2019 Intra Muros, Beirut Art Residency, La Vitrine, Beirut. Underbelly, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut. 2017 Underbelly & Le Rêve et l’Asphalte, Unseen Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Close relationships, big distances and new technologies, Galerija Kluba Kocka, Split (HR).

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 Liban Réalités et Fictions, troisième biennale des photographes du monde arabe, Institut du monde arabe, Paris. DNA, des possible de la photographie, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles. L’intrus Redux, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster (DE). 2018 Feminités Plurielles, Galerie Tanit, Beirut.
Portrait photos Randa Mirza, Lara Tabet
Portrait photo Mirza: Hugo Lautissier
Portrait photo Tabet: Heriman Avi