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10 August 2020 / 6–7 pm CEST

Opening of the Summer Academy 2017
Opening of the Summer Academy 2017, photo: Mira Turba

2020 is a year with a difference – also for the Summer Academy. The courses will be held over two weeks (instead of the planned six); some are entirely on-site, others only online and others again are hybrid, a combination of the two.

The Programme of Events is similarly organised. In the Covid-revised version of the 2020 Summer Academy, we have tried on the one hand to salvage as much as possible, in the face of travel restrictions, hygiene regulations and the constant risk of infection. On the other hand, we have developed our original motto of "New Horizons" to accommodate these conditions. After an intensive study of online and hybrid formats, we are now experimenting with new approaches. Our aim is to find the appropriate structure, type of content and technical implementation for the respective "site".

Our Programme of Events begins online. The advantage of this year's opening is that not only locally invited guests, but everyone, all over the world, can participate. Four Town Walks will try out the diverse possibilities of analogue and digital formats and combinations of these. Four Artist Talks with teachers will be available on the internet; Nadira Husain's can be attended live in Salzburg. The two Exhibition Talks at the teachers' exhibitions in the Stadtgalerie Lehen (Cäcilia Brown, Anna Hofbauer, Mikkel Holm Torp) and the gallery in the Zwergelgarten pavilion (Noële Ody, Toni Schmale) are on-site only. The presentation of the book Navigating the Planetary (Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna), with discussions between editors Hildegund Amanshauser and Kimberly Bradley and some of the contributors to the book, is organised in hybrid format, as is the Open Day on 21 August – in the Untersberg quarry, Hohensalzburg Fortress and digital space.

There is much that we will miss this year, particularly close encounters with people from all over the world, who meet in the Fortress and at our discussions, and talk to one another, develop joint projects and generally socialise. But there will be new features, too – new encounters online, new formats, many experiments... “despite everything”, new horizons will open up.

Hildegund Amanshauser


Watch the video address here.