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Rossella Biscotti with Sophie Goltz

Leaving Buru: Aesthetics of Ecology
18 August 2021 / 7–8 pm CEST

Rossella Biscotti, documentation of production
The Heads in Question, 2015, documentation of the production, Rome. Photo: Luis do Rosario

Rossella Biscotti in conversation with Sophie Goltz (Director, Salzburg Summer Academy). In English language, documentation via YouTube:

Rossella Biscotti's work deals with the exploration of forgotten or untraced events that reveal changing value systems. She is interested in narrating and manifesting a subject's constitution through its alliances and resistances against violent institutionalised structures.
Using sculpture, performance, filmmaking, Biscotti sensibly weaves together traces of lives, concepts and materials into new narratives, using montage as a spatial gesture of layering their origins.
Her methods show care and attentiveness towards details of individual narratives by gathering information through the recording of oral stories, as from archival research and fieldwork. Places, which have been tapped historically by forms of mining, exploitation, and confinement, are often the backdrop of her artistic explorations. By questioning the relevance of the information used from a contemporary perspective, Biscotti creates links and networks to the present, empowering imagination and experience.
Rossella Biscotti and Sophie Goltz
Photo Biscotti: Martin van Nieuwenhyzen
Photo Goltz: Seah Sze Yunn