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Exploring Salzburg

Science City: on technology, people and other experiments
9 August 2018 / 6 pm CEST

International Summeracademy of Fine Arts / Salzburg Erkunden / Hören, 2017

Science City: on technology, people and other experiments

In modern society, dialogue between various disciplines is a constant feature. Increasingly, technical innovations are taken up by artists and used in their creative work, and ever more research institutions are taking an interest in artistic approaches. Martin Murer and Dorothé Smit, researchers at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction, will guide us through the institution, where design- and art-based research demonstrates important methodologies. Together, we will explore possible interfaces between science, research, technology and art, on the basis of selected projects.

The outskirts of a town – encounters on the periphery

This year’s Town Walks focus on various encounters on the periphery. We are interested in the suburban areas of Salzburg, which either remain almost unnoticed in a state of inertia, or – quite the opposite – take centre stage in the public eye. Whether the disappearance and slow revival of an “off scene”, such as that of the Salzburg graffiti artists, the gradually intensifying fusion of scientific research and creative artistic work in the Center for Human-Computer Interaction, or coverage of the town through blogs: three exceptional positions demonstrate new perspectives.