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Jakob Kolding

Collage and the making of images
16–28 July 2018

The Blank Page, collage Jakob Kolding, 2017
The Blank Page, 2017, collage on paper,
24 × 17 cm, courtesy of the artist

Sold out!

Collage and installation

Hohensalzburg Fortress

English, German, Danish

What to bring
Participants are encouraged to bring any preferred images or objects of their own to work with; scissors, laptop and camera (if available)


Maximum number of participants

Lisa Wieder, Anna Pech

Participation fee
€ 700,– (€ 540,–)

The course will focus on collage as a method – working with found images and objects will form a basis for discussion on their use, re-use and meaning.

Images are everywhere, every day. They are part of our physical, digital, social, economic, psychological and political surroundings, and it is impossible to understand one as isolated from its relationship to the world around it. An image can be re-appropriated without changing it. The same image re-posted is not the same image as before. Time is different, place is different, sender and viewer are different. The classic technique of collage is a simple but effective and very concrete way of examining this. Actively searching for moments where meaning and definitions taken for granted can be destabilized and renegotiated.

We will work with an extended idea of collage. Collage as cutting and pasting with paper and scissors, as well as digitally, but also in what could be termed collage in and with space, where the placement of found objects in a different context creates new meanings for the object as well as for the space around it. All ways of working are welcome.
The images can be from any context imaginable and in any media. Important is the creation and discussion of new images, new situations and new meanings through practice and discussion.
Jakob Kolding, born in Albertslund (DK) in 1971, lives and works in Berlin. His work encompasses collage, posters, sculpture, installation, writing, and more recently stage design. An extended sense of collage unites the different approaches. The works examine different concepts of space: starting from an early interest in urban planning and the use of urban and suburban space, his interest developed into more abstract notions of space, including mental and psychological spaces and in more recent years an increased focus on 3-dimensional works, with 19th-century dioramas, stage design and installation practices playing a central role. The works bring together a broad variety of subjects such as art, literature, theatre, architecture, urban planning, politics and music, through which new possible spaces and narratives arise.

Solo exhibitions
2019 Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna. 2018 Movements/20 Propositions, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (AT). 2017 The Outside or the Inside of the Internalised Externalised, Centre d’Édition Contemporaine, Geneva (CH). To the Lighthouse (stage design for the opera) at Bregenzer Festspiele, Bregenz (AT). Corbulations, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen (NL). self, portraits, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen. 2016 Making a Scene, Neubauer Collegium, Chicago, IL (US). 2015 World with Difficulties, Team Gallery, New York, NY (US).

Group exhibitions
2017 curated by…Jacob Proctor: Mistaking the Moon for a Ball, Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna. Cool, Calm and Collected, AROS, Aarhus (DK). 2016 Beton, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. 2015 Geh und spiel mit dem Riesen, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (DE). 2014 Encountering the City: The Urban Experience in Contemporary Art, Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, MO (US). 2013 Cut ‘n’ Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.

Jakob Kolding, “In the Name of”, in: Starship #17, 2018.
Jakob Kolding: “The End of the World”, in: Starship #15, 2016.
Jacob Fabricius and Jakob Kolding: Jakob Kolding: Nothing is Always Absolutely So, Pork Salad Press, Copenhagen 2015.
Jakob Kolding: “New New Impressions of Africa”, in: Starship #13, 2015.
Jakob Kolding: The Hat, Cru Editions, Barcelona 2014.
Jacob Proctor and Lars Bang Larsen: Jakob Kolding: Shifting Realities, exh. cat., JRP Ringier, Michigan 2010.

Portrait photo Jakob Kolding