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Noële Ody/Toni Schmale

Albatross on the Fortress
10–22 August 2020

Toni Schmale, zwinger
zwinger, 2019, steel sandblasted, browned, oiled (Castrol WX-30), polished steel, 80 × 200 × 65 cm, installation view, Christine König Galerie, Vienna, 2019, courtesy of the artist and Christine König Galerie, photo: Philipp Friedrich

Sculpture, installation

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Teaching language
English (teachers also speak German)

What to bring
Working clothes and all tools and materials you wish to work with.


Maximum number of participants

Participation fee
€ 720 .– (€ 560.–)

This course deals with sculpture and its attendant conditions. First of all, sculpture does not mean more than simply shaping any material within a given space. The way to do it is a kind of filtering process in which things condense. At an exhibition talk, this was once compared to lumps in porridge. We could think of these three weeks as a kind of porridge.

The focus will be on exploration and experiment with a variety of materials, on exchanging ideas on techniques, possibilities and experience, mainly in practical form. Objects seek a presumed function; they act as though they were able to do something specific. Casting. Stamping. inking with your hands and talking to the material...  Trying. What material/medium is good for what idea, and why? What is the material capable of? Where are its limits? How can we combine inconsistent materials? What does form have to do with content, and vice versa? What does the exterior of a sculpture look like – and the interior? Can a text, a concept or a drawing be a sculpture? At the end, we swim in the porridge and observe the lumps. Sometimes sculptures can be like an albatross around your neck. Or sometimes like the lumps in porridge – we shall see.
Noële Ody, born in Starnberg (DE) in 1982, lives and works in Vienna. Her sculptures often look like minimalist, even industrial structures, following a logic that lies beyond pure aesthetics. Their functional appearance is not a sculptural device, but a central element; mainly process-oriented, they seek to involve the viewer, both adapting to situations and creating new ones.

Solo exhibitions
2018 Monobrauengrauen, Artist Statement, Parallel Vienna 2018, Vienna. 2015 thunderdolphin, Ve.sch, Vienna. 2012 Embrace The Shit, 21er Raum in the 21er Haus, Vienna.

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 Sägezahn#15, Schauspielhaus, Vienna. Spezialschule für Bildhauerei, xhibit, Vienna. Poster Teepot Discofuchs, Bruch&Dallas, Cologne (DE). 2018 Gemeinsame Wagnisse – in collaboration with Maruša Sagadin and Cäcilia Brown, foyer of the Belvedere 21, Vienna. Unklarheit ist die neue Gewissheit, Unentschiedenheit das neue Urteil, Spike Berlin, Berlin.

Toni Schmale, born in Hamburg (DE) in 1980, lives and works in Vienna. In her work, she scrutinises social power structures and the existing stereotype attribution of gender in a hegemonic society. Her metal, concrete and rubber sculptures look like a fleet of dysfunctional machines; at the same time, they suggest associations with gym machines or instruments of torture, opening up a wide terrain of desire – whether the desire for physical perfection or for practices of sexual gratification.

Solo exhibitions
2019 TONI SCHMALE, Christine König Galerie, Vienna. 2017 HOT HOT HOT, Secession, Vienna. the good enough mother, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (UK). 2015 SUPEREGO, nGbK, Berlin.

Group exhibitions (recent)
2019 Queer Art Space Vienna, WUK, Vienna. AUGUST, Haverkampf Gallery, Berlin. 2018 Queer Stories,, Bratislava. SCHMALTZ, G U I M A R Ã E S, Vienna. Sexy & Cool. Minimal goes emotional, Kunsthalle Tübingen, Tübingen (DE).
Portrait photos Noële Ody, Toni Schmale
Portrait photo Ody: the artist
Portrait photo Schmale: eSeL