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Kimberly Bradley and Senam Okudzeto

Kimberly Bradley: Images into Words

She’s the exception, coming back to the summeracademy for the third time (not only twice as everybody else) this summer. Kimberly Bradley pitched in, when we got a very late cancellation of a long programmed writing course.


What I really like about Kimberly is that she is an excellent writer (not only art criticism but also broader journalism). She does proper research, she’s a wonderful teacher and she can be really enthusiastic. We did the Global Academy II conference together last summer and we’re working on a book now, driving Global/Planetary Academy project further: working title Navigating the Planetary… We complement each other perfectly … in many ways and we always laugh a lot.


Photo: Mira Turba. Kimberly Bradley with Senam Okudzeto, 2017