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Jakob Kolding

Jakob Kolding, Collage and the making of worlds

Jakob Kolding’s medium is collage.  “Collage and the making of Worlds” is therefore the title of his course. He usually works with already existing images. Jakob copies and pastes and cuts out with scissors. He works in small scale, small collages either analogue or often digital. But since some years Jakob also creates big scale, three-dimensional sculptures. They have a view side and a backside. They are still flat, but a construction helps them to stand in the space. The figures, life-size face the viewer, which is fascinating experience. The exhibition becomes a theatre, the viewer an actor, thus one sees that he integrates his experience as a stage designer into the gallery space.


I got to know Jakob’s work at the Gallery Martin Janda years ago. I always liked his specific way of integrating “the world” into his work. The world can be city planning and urbanism, can be history, literature. His starting point is always the space, the urban space, the psychological space, the theatre stage, the gallery space. Jakob’s exhibition at Gallery Martin Janda in Vienna is on view until 20 April, go to see it, if you are in Vienna.


Join his course, Jakob is so generous in sharing his knowledge, he’s the perfect teacher.

photo: Jakob Kolding with student Michael January Joseph, 2018, photo: Mira Turba