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Opening Manifesta Palermo 2018


Running a „global academy“ means that you need expanding networks. Our way of establishing networks is very simple. We ask all teachers, lecturers and the students, whom they suggest for a teaching position. We travel, visit exhibitions, symposia, lectures, bookstores, galleries, art spaces in as many different parts of the world as possible. And there is also internet research, libraries, books, magazines …


When we invite artists, curators, critics to teach or lecture in Salzburg, we either know this person ourselves or we need recommendations. That means people who know us as well as this person. Artworld people are often sceptical about an art school, where everybody can apply to study, like at the summeracademy.


We invite artists whom we consider as great artists and whom we also imagine to be great teachers. We only invite artists who don’t have a professorship in an European Art Academy. And we invite each person only twice (with very seldom exceptions), because we want to make sure, that there is a development, a permanent change.


I try to combine a faculty each year, which is hot, mixed, global, diverse, artists, curators, critics who might also be interested in each other, who love to share their knowledge and who have a lot to say, about art production, the art world, art history etc.


Photo: Performance Jelili Atiku, opening Manifesta, Palermo 2019