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Eli Cortinas

Eli Cortiñas, Found Footage

Eli Cortiñas will give the course Context is everything, montage too, in which she will work with found footage mainly.

Is it embarrassing that I didn’t discover Eli Cortiñas myself? On the one hand yes, I should have spotted her already somewhere, she’s such an interesting artist. On the other hand no, how could I know all exciting young (and of course old) artists from all over the world? It was Tobias Zielony, who gave two wonderful courses some years ago, who recommended Eli Cortiñas. He thinks she would be the perfect teacher for us. And I trust him.


I watched some videos, researched in the web and asked her… I like Eli Cortiñas’ work but I’m not sure if I really understand it. Watch this interview:


Eli Cortiñas will give an artist talk in Salzburg on 19 August at 7 pm. This will be a perfect way to get to know the artist and her work. In our summeracademy talks the audience is mainly artists, therefore the discussions are especially interesting. Artists talk to artists, very hands on and totally informal.