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de-fac-to, Shapiro-Obermair

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Printed Worlds

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair gives the printing class called Printed Worlds. Her own work, however, goes far beyond printing. One could say that she’s a conceptual artists working in many media, sculpture, drawing, installation, video. There is only one artistic technique Ekaterina doesn’t apply, it’s  oil on canvas, at least I don’t remember having seen it.


During the time she’ll be in Salzburg, we’ll show her video de fac-to in Das Kino (30 July 7:30 pm). After the presentation she will discuss the film with the historian Albert Lichtblau. de fac-to is a collaboration of the artist with the historian Alexandra Wachter.


Memory and commemoration are important topics in Ekaterina’s work. Also this film is about appropriating and re-interpreting history in post-factual society. It shows a variety of political, social and ethnic groups in Lemberg as they commemorate events of World War II. It illustrates the complex coexistence of contrary realities in one post soviet city.

This is her course:

More about the artist:

  • 15 May 2019
by Hildegund Amanshauser
Hildegund Amanshauser
"For me, the International Summer Academy is a very special place. The intensive, creative and inspiring atmosphere in all our activities never ceases to fascinate me. Artists come to us – as teachers and students – from all over the world, taking advantage of this summer time-slot to concentrate exclusively on production, reflection and presentation, far removed from their everyday life. Disillusionment and re-enchantment, downfall and upswing – all this is possible; there emerge not only exceptional works of art, but also friendships and networks that often last a lifetime. The long-term project Global/Planetary Academy is at present my main objective. Its aim is to further establish the Summer Academy as a hotspot for global art, tackling relevant questions and strengthening worldwide connections. The project focuses on questions of how art can be learned and taught in the globalised world."