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Open Day, class of Ciara Phillips

Ciara Phillips, Printing workshop

Melissa Gordon, who taught in Salzburg in 2016 and 2017 suggested Ciara Phillips as a teacher in Salzburg. Melissa has been extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and her networks with us.


Last year Ciara Phillips already did a printing workshop with the focus on silkscreen. I’m extremely happy that she’ll come again next summer. Ciara has developed an extraordinary teaching method which is based on team production. Her workshops are part of her own artistic production as well as her exhibitions.


If you haven’t experienced the atmosphere in Ciara’s class, it’s hard to imagine how intense and at the same time relaxed a printing workshop can be. I feel so lucky that Ciara is coming back.


Photo: Mira Turba, from left: Ciara Phillips, Sebastian Schindlauer, student, Johannes Knall and Ines Hochgerner (co-teacher)