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Cameron Jamie

Cameron Jamie

I tried it for several years, nearly gave up, but … in 2019 Cameron Jamie will give a course on artists’ books. He produced dozens of them, all “analog” with black and white copy machines.


When did I encounter his work for the first time? Was it in an exhibition in Galerie Christine König Vienna in 2003, was it even earlier, a group show? I remember the black and white super 8 Film BB (2000) about young wrestlers in LA, an amazing subculture and Spook Houses (2002) also black and white, also in LA, Halloween.


In 2003 I invited Cameron to produce a show for the Salzburger Kunstverein. He was interested in working in Salzburg because he has been fascinated by the Krampus culture in the Gasteiner Tal. With our support he produced the video Kranky Klaus (2003) and a series of wooden sculptures, a collaboration with the wood carver Max Kössler. With him Cameron has been working since then. I remember vividly when we went to Gastein and both met him for the first time. Later Cameron even went with Max to Japan for one of his exhibitions.


Why do I think that Cameron will be a good teacher? He is an amazing artist. He reflects the art system and the art market and has a lot of experience. He has a specific individual approach. And he is a very sensitive person, who is capable of encounters…  I imagine that the course will be extremely enriching, on an artistic level as well as on a personal.


Have a look at some of his works: