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Esraa Elfeky

A recall from the velvet lands

by Esraa Elfeky 

A recall from the velvet lands combines reality and imagination, past and present where all thoughts and feelings come together at a point where the balance for time and space disappears. The moment everything collapses into reality and logical thinking becomes fluid and foggy. When we dream, we enter an alternative state of an unusual consciousness that helps us find solutions outside our normal patterns of thought. This video conveys an irrational journey in fantasy scenes.

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  • 21 August 2020
by Recently deleted
Recently deleted
Nowadays we use our camera, mostly with our phones, widely to produce numerous visual data. This material is often dismissed, deleted, shared online, and in the best case stored in its digital form. In this course, participants used their (phone’s) photo and video libraries to develop and produce a personal as well as a collective body of work.

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