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The production of meaning

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts – course programme 20 July–29 August 2015


“The production of meaning” is the motto of this year's International Summer Academy course programme. We ask about the sense of our (individual or social) conduct, and how meaning can be produced with artistic (critical and curatorial) resources. Many artists are working on this and related themes in very different ways, attempting – to put it simplistically – to understand and represent the world we live in, producing a multiplicity of meanings and opening the way for different interpretations.

21 courses between 20 July and 29 August 2015
18 courses are held in Hohensalzburg Fortress, one in the Kiefer quarry in Fürstenbrunn, and two in the city of Salzburg, one of which is in public space.

What’s new about the 2015 programme?
Bernhard Cella, an artist who runs his own studio as a bookshop, offers students help in realising their own (part-)publications, from the idea right up to the finished product: a printed book. Ben Katchor looks at comics as a starting-point for performative projects combining language or song with pictures in performance. The architect group feld72 directs a course on the topic of art in public space; for the first time in the Summer Academy, this includes architectural, urbanistic and artistic considerations, methods and strategies, and will be carried out directly in Salzburg’s public space.

Highlights in 2015
The non-human and the human
What is “the human”? What distinguishes man from animal? What are the specific options open to human conduct, and how can these be considered through art? In an age of biopolitics, global waves of refugees and terrorist attacks, these questions are more relevant than ever, and will be discussed by several of the teaching artists. Using various media, Doug Ashford (The non-human), participant in documenta 13, and the Egyptian video artist Maha Maamoun (They were like animals) will explore with their students forms of human society, culture and political structure. Tobias Zielony, represented this year in the German pavilion in Venice, will examine through photography the cultural backgrounds and experiences brought to Salzburg by people who have fled or migrated here.
Irina Nakhova, Russian representative at this year’s Venice Biennale, takes a completely different approach, with a close study of the portrayal of the human body.

Further highlights
In her course The art of writing and theory, distinguished writer and art critic Jennifer Allen helps participants to overcome writer’s block. Joanna Warsza, recently head of the “Public Program” of Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg, explores in her course the possibility of expressing political commitment through art.

Teachers 2015
Jennifer Allen, Doug Ashford, Varda Caivano, Bernhard Cella, cinéma copains – Arne Hector / Minze Tummescheit, Adriana Czernin, feld72, Ben Katchor, Tomasz Kowalski, Maha Maamoun, Raimundas Malašauskas, Bernhard Martin, Marc Monzó, Irina Nakhova, Peter Niedertscheider, Jayce Salloum, Elisabeth Schmirl, Nora Schultz, Joanna Warsza, Nicolas Wild, Tobias Zielony
Click here for detailed descriptions of courses and biographies of the teaching artists.

Application, grants, closing dates, fees
Course fees, depending on duration, are between € 440.- and € 1,160.-. Around 90 grants are awarded, for which applications (online only) must be made
by 8 April 2015. Details: www.summeracademy.at/grants
All applications made by 15 Mai 2015 will be treated equally. Later application will be accepted and processed in the order of receipt and according to vacancies in the courses. Details: www.summeracademy.at/application

Press photos are available for download here, press kit see below.

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