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Opening of the 2014 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, programme of events 21 July – 30 August

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The International Summer Academy of Fine Arts starts on 21 July 2014, with more students than last year.
At the beginning of July 2014, we have admitted a total of 326 students – an increase of some 7% compared with the same period last year. The notable feature of this year's 62nd Summer Academy is its concentration in one location, Hohensalzburg Fortress, and its express inclusion of the city, with an extensive programme of events entitled CITIES – spaces for art, politics, living... and with Robert Kuśmirowski's course Pub Art.

Robert Kuśmirowski – Pub Art
Robert Kuśmirowski's course Pub Art will be located primarily in the “Vogelhaus” [aviary] in the Kurgarten (beside the Mirabell gardens), and in the Galerie 5020. The international group of participants has the opportunity of realising temporary interventions in the Kurgarten, the Mirabell gardens and the city. Thus for the first time, Summer Academy students will be able to create Art in Public Space on site in Salzburg.

2014 Programme of Events
CITIES – spaces for art, politics, living...
The programme of events, which is open to the public, includes lectures, discussions, city walks and film and video programme. We ask: what constitutes a city today? How do cities work (or not)? How do social developments take shape in a city, and how do groups form? What role is played here by artists, urban planners, architects, etc.? How can we bridge the gap between the local situation in Salzburg Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with shopping streets and cultural venues, and global developments?
Lectures and Discussions
The lecture series – held this year in the Stadtgalerie Lehen – begins on 23 July with a general lecture by Felix Wiegand. He analyses how a city of today functions, and outlines current trends, challenges and areas of conflict within urban developments, also asking about the change in the role of artists and culture producers. Christoph Doswald, curator, lecturer and journalist, lives and works in Zurich. He has chaired the Zurich working group for art in public space since 2009. On 13 August he will talk mainly about his work and his experiences in Zurich. Jennifer Allen, art critic and historian, examines what happens with art in public space when there is no separation between the public and the private domain on 21 August. Finally on August 26, Ton Matton, who works in the fields of object design, social systems and performative urbanism, speaks about his pioneering project Great Potemkin Street, in which he transformed the main street of the little German village of Wittenburg for one evening into a "functioning" town.

Film/video shows in Das Kino
Media theorist, critic and film-maker Rainer Bellenbaum curates a four-part video and film programme entitled Like cinema, like city. Two shows consist of artists' films and videos (by Gerd Conradt, Loretta Fahrenholz, Harun Farocki, Felix Gmelin, Hiwa K, Gordon Matta-Clark, Nicolas Provost and John Smith), and two present feature films (Amores Perros, 2000, director: Alejandro González Iñárritu, location: Mexico City; and Lola, 2009, director: Brillante Mendoza, location: Manila), each introduced by Rainer Bellenbaum and followed by a discussion.

Walks in the City
Strollology – the activity of "going for a walk" – has become a new science, taking in urbanism, art and activism. Bureau du Grand Mot, Max Rieder, Julia Schwarzbach and Sarah Untner will accompany those interested on four very different walks through familiar and unfamiliar parts of town. The project is curated by Bärbel Hartje.

Lunch Talks
Here, in Hohensalzburg Fortress, all the teaching artists present their current working methods and relate them to the subject of the city. Instead of a Lunch Talk, Kader Attia will give a talk in the Museum der Moderne, dealing with the exhibition Art/Histories, in which he is participating, on 6 August at 6.30 p.m.
This year's teaching artists are represented in five exhibitions: in the Museum der Moderne, Salzburg Kunstverein, Galerie 5020, periscope and Galerie Trapp. An exhibition in the kunstraum pro arte in Hallein is devoted to the course directed last year by Thomas Kilpper.
Open Days
All those interested in this year's Summer Academy themes and production, in the concerns of artists today, or in what works have been created during courses, are cordially invited to attend the Open Days on 1, 8, 15 and 29 August 2014 in Hohensalzburg Fortress, in the city of Salzburg (courses directed by Robert Kuśmirowski (8 August) and Lucy Sarneel (29 August)) and in the Kiefer quarry (15 August).

Blogger in Residence
Lukas Tagwerker will be Blogger in Residence for the duration of the 2014 Summer Academy: www.summeracademy/blog

General information
Participation in all events is free of charge, except for the film and video programme, where normal cinema admission prices apply. Details of locations and times are given here on our website.

Further details and photo material
Bärbel Hartje
baerbel.hartje@summeracademy.at, +43 (0) 662 842 113
Press photos are here available for download.


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