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2011 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts - Résumé

Under this year's motto "What is art?", the Summer Academy held 20 courses of between one and four weeks, including for the first time a course on The histories and practices of curating, given by Maria Lind. 22 first-class artists from 16 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa taught classes in three different locations: Hohensalzburg fortress, the Alte Saline in Hallein and the Kiefer quarry in Fürstenbrunn. Over 50% of the 300-odd participants were aged under 30. Over the past two years, the average age dropped significantly, while there was a  considerable increase in the degree of professionalisation. A notable feature is the 300% increase in grant applications to a total of 345 this year, 92 students from 28 countries being awarded grants. The Münster Academy of Art and Gordon College in Wenham MA, USA joined us in new partnerships.

2011 course programme
An important role in this year's course programme was played by urbanism in general, and specifically the town of Salzburg. Christoph Schäfer saw drawing as an appropriate method for urban analysis and as a medium for utopian urban design. The course included excursions in the town, as well as "exercises in getting lost" – as applied both to the town and to the artistic work itself. The class Urban wish-production, taught by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, also focused on the relation between town, image and wish. 
Christian Philipp Müller took the exploration of the town further in the direction of "acts in urban space". His teaching programme began with the re-enactment of a work by fellow-artist Franz Erhard Walther (who directed the class The alternative definition of art-work in 1990) in the urban space of Salzburg. During the next few days, numerous performances will take place in the town, and their documentation will be displayed in the Final Exhibition.

Further topics included conceptual (Mladen Stilinović , Peter Friedl, Senam Okudzeto) and performative artistic questions (Katrina Daschner, Christian Philipp Müller, Lin Cheung), and various aspects of strategies in painting (Milena Dragicevic, Jitish Kallat, Katrin Plavcak, Hubert Scheibl, Christina Zurfluh). Three courses focused on traditional techniques: Judy Fox Figure-modelling, Hubert Maier / Knut Wold Stone sculpture symposium and Dénes Miklósi Functions of printmaking.

2011 programme of events
The highlight of the programme of events was the international symposium on Global Art (concept: Sabine B. Vogel and Hildegund Amanshauser) which, due to wide demand, had to be moved from the Künstlerhaus to the University. In three sections, participants from India, Egypt, Cuba and Germany discussed the following questions: What is the history of global art, and what is global art history? What is global art? What is the relation between global art and regional developments? No unified definition was reached, but it was agreed that global art does not describe a style, but rather a specific attitude of mind. There was no clear answer to the question of whether contemporary art is always global art. The attendance of 250 people – many of whom (especially curators) had come from Austria, Germany and France – demonstrated the keen interest in the topic and the high quality of the speakers.

The visits to collections, in the series Exploring Salzburg, was always fully booked. The Lunch Talks at the teaching locations and the discussions and lectures in the Künstlerhaus were extremely well received.

Clemens Berger, Author in Residence, and Jay Caboz, Photographer in Residence, were seen by many of the teachers and students as an important complement to the course programme.

Blog and Youtube
All the 2001 events were documented and commented with texts and images in the Summer Academy blog, and many of the lectures and Lunch Talks can be found on our Youtube account.

The final week offers a further discussion of great topical interest. In the Künstlerhaus on Wednesday at 8 p.m., the subject will be Living with climate change. In what form do artists react to the problem of climate change? How can collaboration be organised between artistic and scientific approaches? What is the effect of these on the viewer/observer? The panel consists of Friedrich von Borries, Raimar Stange and Harald Welzer. Moderation: Bärbel Hartje. More info 

Meanwhile, preparations are going on for the Final Exhibitions at the Open Day, which will be held on Friday 26 August, 2 - 6 p.m., in Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Alte Saline Hallein. The classes directed by atelier le balto, Katrina Daschner, Jo Ractliffe, Christina Zurfluh and Lin Cheung will show their final works in Hallein, and in the Fortress, works by students of Judy Fox, Dénes Miklósi, Christian Philipp Müller, Katrin Plavcak and Christoph Schäfer will be on display. More info

Further information:
Susanne Tiefenbacher presse@summeracademy.at, +43 (0) 664 1442114
Bärbel Hartje baerbel.hartje@summeracademy.at, +43 (0) 662 842 113

Salzburg, 25.8.2011

Summary of the 2011 events
Total number of visitors:  approx. 4,100 (admission free)

Lectures, discussions and readings in the Künstlerhaus
28.7.2011 Reading: Clemens Berger, Author in Residence
1.8.2011 Discussion series: On Attitudes to Form and so on, with Rolf Ricke
Moderation: Patricia Köstring and Stephan Maier
3.8.2011 Lecture: Mladen Stilinović and the Group of Six Artists, by Branka Stipancic
17.8.2011 Discussion series: On Attitudes to Form and so on, with Hans-Joachim Müller
Moderation: Patricia Köstring and Stephan Maier
24.8.2011 Discussion: Living with climate change, with Friedrich von Borries, Raimar Stange and Harald Welzer, Moderation: Bärbel Hartje
29./30.7.2011 Symposium: Global art, in Salzburg University
Speakers: Hans Belting, Monica Juneja, Nancy Adajania, Gerardo Mosquera, Jitisch Kallat, Bassam El Baroni, Senam Okudzeto, Peter Friedl, Maria Lind
Moderation: Hildegund Amanshauser, Sabine B. Vogel, Simone Wille

Exhibition openings with teaching artists, in collaboration with Salzburg institutions
20.7.2011 Sense and Sensibility, Salzburg Kunstverein
25.7.2011 Schauraum I, teaching assistants in Hallein, Galerie KG Freiräume, Hallein
26.7.2011 Living on the edge of a silver future, part I, Galerie 5020
16.8.2011 Schauraum II, teaching assistants in Hallein, Galerie KG Freiräume, Hallein
9.8.2011 Dénes Miklósi in collaboration with Miklós Szilárd, Galerie der Stadt Salzburg
10.8.2011 Hubert Maier, kunstraum pro arte, Hallein
11.8.2011 Tanja Boukal, Galerie Eboran
19.8.2011 atelier le balto, kunstraum pro arte, Hallein

Open days and final exhibitions
30.7.2011 Class directed by Hubert Scheibl, Alte Saline Hallein
5.8.2011 Open day, phase I, Hohensalzburg Fortress and Alte Saline Hallein
20.8.2011 Class directed by Hubert Maier / Knut Wold, Stone sculpture in the Kiefer quarry, Fürstenbrunn
26.8.2011 Open day, phase II, Hohensalzburg Fortress and Alte Saline Hallein

23 Lunch Talks by teaching artists and artists in residence, in the various locations

Exploring Salzburg – Collections 
Six visits to public and private art collections

Society of Friends
Three guided tours of the teaching locations, for members of the Society of Friends of the International Summer Academy 

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