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Programme of events 18 July – 26 August 2011

04.07.2011 "What is art?" – this is the motto of the 2011 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. A wide-ranging question, it entails an even wider variety of sub-themes. It is not so much a matter of differentiation between art and non-art, as of asking what constitutes the specific quality of contemporary art, what works of art can tell us about the world we live in. What are our experiences in encounters with art, what insights we can gain from looking at art, and what role does art play in different social contexts?

Lectures and discussions in the Künstlerhaus
The highlight of the 2011 programme is the symposium on Global Art, with distinguished international participants. It is organised in collaboration with the Austrian and Swiss sections of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) according to a concept by Sabine B. Vogel and Hildegund Amanshauser. On 29 and 30 July, questions under discussion will include: Are we at the beginning of a new development which we might call global art – and what do we understand by this? How far do the new living conditions of globality influence contemporary art? Since art has been internationally linked for centuries, is there now some new quality that distinguishes global art? How does what we might call global art relate to the debate on post-colonialism?
Speakers will include: Nancy Adajania/Bombay, Hans Belting/Karlsruhe, Bassam El Baroni/Alexandria and Gerardo Mosquera/Havana.

Patricia Köstring and Stephan Maier have planned the series of debates On attitudes to form and so on. Art and its communication as contemporary history, which examines the basic strategies and systems that have shaped contemporary art and its communication since the 1960s. Discussions will be held with gallery-owner Rolf Ricke (1 August) and art critic Hans-Joachim Müller (17 August).

The question of the role assumed by art in the face of current social, ecological and political problems, and how artistic methods can be applied is the theme of the discussion on Living with climate change, planned and presented by Bärbel Hartje on the evening of 24 August. Speakers will be architect Friedrich von Borries, art critic, historian and curator Raimar Stange, and sociologist and social psychologist Harald Welzer.

Finally, Branka Stipančić locates the topic "What is art?" historically in the 1970s and geographically in Zagreb. On 3 August she will report on the post-conceptual Group of Six Artists, one member of which was Mladen Stilinovi?, who is teaching at this year's Summer Academy.

Lunch Talks
Many of this year's teaching artists will explain their methods in Lunch Talks (held at the course locations) and discuss their current projects or concerns, always focusing on the motto "What is art?" or "What can art do?"

In exhibition venues in Salzburg and Hallein, some of the teaching artists will offer insights into their work. Dénes Miklósi in the Galerie der Stadt Salzburg, Hubert Maier and atelier le balto in the kunstraum pro arte Hallein, Tanja Boukal in the Galerie Eboran and Katrin Plavcak as part of the group exhibition Sense and Sensibility in the Salzburg Kunstverein. Summer Academy assistants in Hallein will show current works in the Galerie der KG FreiRäume.

Exploring Salzburg – Collections
This year, the series Exploring Salzburg will be continued with visits to public and private art collections in Salzburg. What is it that motivates collectors to purchase art? Why do they purchase which art, and what does it mean to them to live with it? Is it important to maintain contact with artists? Do they purchase in art galleries, directly from the studio or at auctions? All this and more will be revealed to the participants in this unique series.

Artists in Residence
Following last year's successful documentation, the Austrian writer Clemens Berger (Lunch Talk 22 July, reading 28 July) and the young South African photographer Jay Caboz, graduate of the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg (Lunch Talk 19 August) will accompany the 2011 Summer Academy in interdisciplinary fields.

Open Days
The Open Days in the three course locations Hohensalzburg Fortress (5 and 26 August), Alte Saline Hallein (30 July, 5 and 26 August) and the Kiefer quarry in Fürstenbrunn (20 August) offer insights into students' artistic production and give visitors the opportunity of experiencing the unique atmosphere in the various classes and locations.

General information
Admission to all events is free. For the events in Hohensalzburg Fortress, non-residents of Salzburg have to pay entrance to the Fortress (€7.40, incl. funicular €10.50; reduced €4.20/€6.-). The number of participants for the series Exploring Salzburg – Collections is limited to 15. Details of the venues will be given upon prior booking with baerbel.hartje@summeracademy.at or tel. +43 (0)662 842 113.

Details of all events' times and venues are available here.

Further information
Susanne Tiefenbacher presse@summeracademy.at, +43 (0) 664 1442114
Bärbel Hartje baerbel.hartje@summeracademy.at, +43 (0) 662 842 113

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