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Photographer in Residence: Thandile Zwelibanzi


Thandile Zwelibanzi was born in Willovale, Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1987. He grew up and attended school in Kagiso, Gauteng, near Johannesburg. He began taking photographs at 16, and after completing school he studied at the Market Photo Workshop in Newton, Johannesburg.

Group exhibitions
2008 In Transit at Market Photo Workshop Gallery. 2009 Borders with a body of work entitled Movement (mentors: John Fleetwood and Mikhael Subotzky) at Goethe on Main in Johannesburg. 2010 Diversity at GTZ in Berlin, Germany, with a body of work titled hands up. 2010 Considering Documentary at Market Photo Workshop Gallery with a body of work entitled Movement. 2010 Part of Dialogue South Africa - Austria with three images, exhibition hosted at Right on the Rim in Art on Main in Johannesburg.

Thandile Zwelibanzi's work explores tensions and transitions in South Africa through the medium of the people that live there. With a sensitive ethnographic eye, he seeks out scenes from daily life and captures them subtly and suggestively. He is fascinated by movement, change and stagnation, and by the way these can be present simultaneously in a single person. His interests take him into the city and the townships, where he makes a study of a variety of people, such as street vendors or body-builders.

Events with Thandile Zwelibanzi

Lunch Talk
Wednesday 19 August, 1 p.m., Hohensalzburg Fortress (In English)

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