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Writer in Residence: Tanja Dückers


Tanja Dückers is the first Writer in Residence at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. She will investigate the Summer Academy, write an article on it, hold a workshop for the students on artistic writing, and introduce herself to the Salzburg audience in this reading.

She is a versatile writer; she completed her studies in Art History with a dissertation on the Sublime in Modern Painting, and later wrote for Deutsche Welle TV on world news and weather, from which she drew inspiration for her novel Himmelskörper [heavenly bodies] (2003). She also evolved the cryptogram "Autumnisch". Her grasp of political and social questions finds expression in bizarre stories characterised by a mixture of sensitive commitment and pictorial language.

Tanja Dückers (1968) was born and grew up in West Berlin. She studied Art History, American and German Studies, and now works as a writer, journalist and art critic. Frequent grants and study trips abroad furthered her literary career and brought her many prizes and distinctions. Her work includes prose, poetry, essays, children's books and literature for young people - most recently her novel Der längste Tag des Jahres [the longest day of the year] (Aufbau Verlag 2006) and an essay Über das Erinnern [on remembering] (2008).

This is a cooperation between the Summer Academy and the Salzburg Literaturforum Leselampe.

Events with Tanja Dückers

Lunch Talks
Wednesday 28 July, 1 p.m., Alte Saline Hallein
In her first Lunch Talk, Tanja Dückers will give an overview of various ways of treating text, writing and language within the fine arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. (In German and/or English)

Thursday 29 July, 1 p.m., Hohensalzburg Fortress
In her second Lunch Talk, Tanja Dückers will present her own treatment of interdisciplinary forms of combining image and script: the ciphers "Autumnisch" and "Foto-Autumnen" and other word-installations. (In German and/or English)

Tuesday 27 July, 7.30 p.m., Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Hellbrunner Strasse 3 (In German)

Workshop: Künstlerisches Schreiben [Artistic writing]
For all Summer Academy students (in German)
Saturday 31 July, Hohensalzburg Fortress

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