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2010 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Press conference on the Programme of Events (13.07.2010)


The International Summer Academy starts on 19 July 2010, and will last for six weeks. 20 classes will be held in Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Alte Saline Hallein and the Kiefer quarry in Fürstenbrunn. The programme starts with seven classes and increases to thirteen, which are then presented at the Open Day in all three locations on 27 August (vernissage in Hallein on 26 August at 7 p.m.). Enrolment for classes is at the same level as last year, but we have been able to reduce the number of free places. In 2010, a total of some 310 students will be attending the Summer Academy.

The Programme of Events open to the public is varied and comprehensive, ranging from the vernissage of Elfie Semotan's exhibition in the Rupertinum Museum of Modern Art or a conversation with gallery-owner Nikolaus Ruzicska in the series "Exploring Salzburg", through evening lectures and discussions with internationally recognised artists on the theme of "Artistic Techniques", right up to Hildegund Amanshauser's six-hour lecture "60 Years of Art in 6 Hours" - a brief survey of art history over the past 60 years.

Thus the artistic work in the classes will be placed in a discursive context. Art production today takes place within an international context, a global art scene in which theory, criticism, exhibitions, museums, media and the art market all play an important part. The aim of this programme of events is to highlight the various aspects of the art world.

The Lunch Talks in Hohensalzburg Fortress and in the Alte Saline Hallein are a new venture. Here teaching artists will offer an insight into their own work and methods, and their current projects. These talks bring teachers and students together, giving them the opportunity of exchanging ideas on questions of art.

This year's Evening lectures and discussions focus on the theme of artistic techniques, in the widest sense, including working methods and processes, according to the original derivation techné (art, craft). Jörg Heiser (26.7.), Beatrice von Bismarck (29.7.), Kristine Stiles (2.8.), Gertrud Sandqvist (23.8.) and Roberto Ohrt (24.8.) - outstanding art historians in the field of Contemporary Art - will deal with various aspects of the subject.

Exploring Salzburg is a new series comprising visits to galleries, conversations with gallery-owners and artists' collectives: Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Halle 21.7), 5020 (28.7), Nikolaus Ruzicska (4.8), Altnöder (11.8) and Periscope (18.8) - all at 6 p.m. This will cover the local art scene as well as giving an insight into the world of the art market.

Many Salzburg art institutions are collaborating in the Summer Academy Teachers' Exhibitions: kunstraum pro Arte Hallein (Destiny Deacon, 20.7.), Galerie der Stadt Salzburg (Katrin Plavcak, 22.7.), Museum of Modern Art, Rupertinum (Elfie Semotan, 23.7.), Galerie Eboran (Thorsten Mächtel, 3.8.; finissage, Stefan Heizinger, 12.8.), Galerie im Traklhaus (Marko Lulic, 5.8.), Initiative Architektur, Künstlerhaus (atelier le balto, 19.8.), KG Freiräume Hallein (Parcours I, 28.7; Parcours II, 16.8).

The Open Day in the three locations Hohensalzburg Fortress, Alte Saline Hallein and Kiefer quarry, Fürstenbrunn (6.8 and 26/27.8) afford an insight into students' artistic production and experience of the special atmosphere in the locations.

For the first time, two Artists in Residence will accompany the Summer Academy. The Berlin writer Tanja Dückers will spend two weeks at the Academy, during which she will introduce herself with a reading in the Künstlerhaus (27.7, 7.30 p.m.) and afterwards she will write an account of her experience of the Summer Academy. In collaboration with Camera Austria and Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg, SA, a photographer will also spend two weeks here, taking a subjective look at the Summer Academy. Their research will focus on the unique quality of this institution, its history and location, the multilingualism of the international teachers and students and the resultant atmosphere, which has a lasting influence on many of the participants. After a few years, when several writers and photographers have cast an artistic and documentary eye over the Summer Academy, all these aspects will be reflected in the work of the writers and photographers.

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Final exhibition 2009, Hohensalzburg Fortress, class: Martin Schmidl, Photo: Elisabeth Wörndl
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Final Exhibition 2009, opening, Old Salt Factory Hallein, Photo: Elisabeth Wörndl
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