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Exploring Contemporary Drawing in Real Life with Till Megerle

There was one task I gave them - everybody has to draw a life size figure,” said Till Megerle about his class of figurative drawing. Admitting that seeing his students work on the large sheets of paper inspires him a lot, we are yet to see if Till will explore a different scale in his own work. For now, we settle on the minute and busy.


Till Megerle during his talk on Monday


The first Summer Academy teaching experience brought new perspectives in the life of Till Megerle. “I’m very excited,” he said, adding that working with other creatives makes him happy, albeit feeling exhausted after each long day. Circulating around the room in constant conversation with the course takers, he encourages unexpected discussions and lively exchange of opinions, approaching those who prefer solitude with tact. The group is diverse, including artists ages from 17 to almost 80! In such a heterogeneous environment, it’s challenging to maintain order and workflow, but Till and his co-teacher Michael Franz manage. Without wanting to impose his personal artistic ideas onto the group, Till brought a stack of books to share. “I show them if anything is interesting in drawing and I do show them a lot of artistic positions in drawing. For example, I brought over 30 catalogs and they’re always circulating around the class.


The classroom filled with large-scale paper


There were two major exercises the teachers organized. One involved a very classical life drawing indoors, and the other a study field trip to a public bath. “A lot of my friends told me that the life drawing is very conservative. But I kind of stick to it - not because it’s conservative but because you learn about the human figure and how to play with the human figure if you know just how the human body is constructed. You need to know this if you want to draw a human by heart.” Then, “going to the public bath was not meant to be the exercise, but an inspiration,” he added. With about two-thirds of the class participating, “Mike went, I stayed. They were enjoying it and they got inspired by it very much. I mean there’s this constellation of people and they interact with each other and there are contemporary surroundings with Freizeitarchitektur, all these contemporary items, beards, tattoos, Lagnese ice creams, all in mixture with half-dressed bodies - that’s what’s interesting.




Talking about the concept of the class, Till said that “it refers to high and low notions of art. For example, life drawing may be in the realm of high art. But my class and I are very interested in the low, such as comics and caricature. I want to offer them a whole palette of possibilities of drawing, there is no distinction between the high and the low anymore.


On their Open Day on Friday, Till’s and Michael’s class will prepare a fanzine with each one of them providing works for it. “It’s gonna be very funny. There are 20 different people and each of them has done a figurative drawing in a sense. I’m just there to give them a different perspective on things.

Scroll down for a few images of works in progress. 








Tonight I will be listening to Michael Beutler and Marc Monzo talks, but tomorrow there is something very special in store. All I can say is - public art.


Stay tuned!



08/08/17 14:39 Summer Academy 2017

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