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The Story of Kokoška

New week, new people, new stories. Before I get into conversation with a new group of teachers, I would like to share a story. It's about Kokoschka. Or rather, kokoška



A while ago, nevermind when, I've decided to study art history. At that age, when somebody would ask me what I like, I would always include German Expressionism in the roster, right there between Baroque architecture, ancient sculpture and the Renaissance in Italy. So, I knew about Oskar Kokoschka and even had a chance to see his work at the then open National Museum of Art in Belgrade. Still, there was always something whimsical in saying his name, because Kokoschka in Serbian means kokoška - a hen. It's also used as a metaphor for a woman who talks a lot, or for a female airhead. Just to mention - we do have similar words for male figures, but this is not the topic now. Going through school, my taste and affinities changed a lot, but Expressionism always stayed up there with the favorites. So did Kokoschka, but to this day I would say his name with a chuckle, still unable to disassociate the meaning of the word from the painter.


Now, I'm a resident blogger at the art Academy founded by the famous artist. I cannot escape the mention of him (not that I want to) and I started thinking how funny and juvenile this idea is. Kokoschka and kokoška have nothing in common, it's by pure accident that the word is pronounced the same. And only in my language. Still, I endeavored to the now ended Tex Rubinowitz's class and talked to him and his student Antje Alber-Schwarzer about picturing this linguistic connection. Although I had little expectation and did not think they were as fascinated with the idea as I was, Antje did produce a Kokoschka/kokoška for me, which I am sharing now with you. I quite like the representational/symbolic quality of the image. It's warm, dancy, dreamy and expressive. But, I have to stress this, I would be more than happy to get more interpretations. Let's see how it goes!


So gack, gack, gack until tomorrow! (Or kokoda, for my fellow BHS speakers)





The Seeing tour is moved to tonight! And it's not raining! I should probably not be too happy so early in the week. Cheerio! 



31/07/17 14:26 Summer Academy 2017

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