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Cake, Beer and Bosna - Getting the Actual Taste of Salzburg

The road of a blogger is mysterious and mine has taken me on an unexpected journey through the most traditional and tasty Salzburger corners tonight. If you're guessing that I've been on the "Tasting" city walk with Professor Gerhard Ammerer, you're guessing right. Why I went on this walk, knowing that it will all be in German, one might think? Well, I went because I KNEW in my gut that the acclaimed connoisseur and foodie will give us a taste of something real. 


Before I continue, I must explain my obsession with food. It's important to me, almost as important as art. I care about what I eat, the taste and the quality, I will try anything, but you will always get my opinion. And I'm an omnivore. So, getting an insight into the Salzburger culinary history seemed like a must for me. Even if I had to follow it with my crippled understanding of the language. 


So, after struggling to finish a real post, at 6 pm today, the group met at the Traklhaus. The professor talked and talked, my friend Amy translated the important parts, but the most important part was about to come. Despite the rain, we got into the historic Cafe Tomaselli and got a taste of their cakes. Then, we went to a small family brandy place, Sporer, where some nice grandpas gave us space in a very cute back room and we toasted with a very interesting herbal brandy. Then, I finally learned where the original Bosna place is (Btw, in BHS "Bosna" literally means "Bosnia". I find it hilarious!), and at the end, we got some beer at the Sternbräu brewery. After a couple of hours of Salzburger culinary history I mostly did not understand and a couple of drinks, I had a happy buzz and followed the group down to the Johanneskeller for some food and more drinks. Comprised of people that could be [at least] my parents by age mostly, the group was rather interesting and open to talk to us, the young. As a gift, our guide handed out lovely traditional recipe books with the most typical recipes of the region to each of us, which was an especially kind gesture. I will [well, not 'me' per se] have to google translate it, but still - there's nothing so exciting like a new book on food!

Aaand, before I knew it, it was very late to finish my post on Marc Monzo, which you will get tomorrow. Instead, I've decided to share this experience of learning about a different aspect of local culture, one that many people deem the most exciting one. 


Oddly enough, the rain didn't bother me at all. 


As a good night, I'm sharing several images from the walk, to pass the time until I post the story about the jewelry class.


Bon appetit and Gute Nacht!




The fourth or fifth generation of Sporer brandy makers. Grandfathers know their stuff.


Herbal brandy is good for your stomach
Healthier than ever!
Bosna. Talk about integration...
An old, renewed brewery and the very passionate guide
It's not about the beer, it's about the conversation ;)
10/08/17 23:00 Summer Academy 2017

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