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  > JULY   17   In Between the Thought and the Artwork - The Focus is on Art Production! 18   At the Beginning, We Make Connections 19   Making a Stepping Stone in Painting Practice - A Talk with… more »
28/08/17 10:02 Summer Academy 2017

So Long, Princess! Chaos Calls!

Quiet Saturday morning. The time has come to tie the last knot in this online quipu, a reminder of the 2017 Summer Academy in Salzburg. After six intense weeks, I have met a lot of new people and many of the conversations I’ve had are still trapped in… more »
26/08/17 11:45 Summer Academy 2017

The Class of Paulina Olowska Exploded with Color

“How did it go?”, was the first question I asked Paulina catching her briefly between cleaning up the class and prepping for a sudden departure. “Great!”, she responded sincerely, adding that the structure of her course was more instinctive than strict.… more »
25/08/17 09:48 Summer Academy 2017

Miniature is More Than a Technique - I Talked with Aisha Khalid

Topping off the Fortress structure during the final days of the Summer Academy, there is a quiet classroom of mostly women sitting on floor cushions, painting on their knees. This is the miniature painting class of Aisha Khalid, a renowned artist from… more »
24/08/17 12:38 Summer Academy 2017

The Value of Gesture in a Magazine

The Value of Gesture was one of the opening courses at the Summer Academy, taught by Melissa Gordon and co-taught by Ines Hochgerner. As Melissa shared with me in our talk earlier in July, one of the goals of this three-week class was to make a joint… more »
23/08/17 13:32 Summer Academy 2017

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