Category: "Summer Academy 2017"

Kimberly Bradley

There are many possibilities to write about art and there is a variety of text formats. A press release contains other information than a review, which in turn is formulated in a different way than a catalogue essay, a contribution in a daily newspaper… more »
26/03/17 22:50 Summer Academy 2017

Marc Monzó

Marc Monzó, catalan jeweller based in Barcelona, has a specific view on jewellery making. He contemplates the nature of things and reflects this process of observation in his pieces, known for their plain and intelligent designs. Wining the prestigious… more »
19/03/17 17:09 Summer Academy 2017

Paulina Olowska

Paulina ist ein großartige Mslerin nicht nur das auch pergformerin   more »
13/03/17 14:02 Summer Academy 2017

Tony Chakar

Tony Chakar is a Lebanese architect, who's comprehensive thinking includes literature, philosophy, and art. You do not need to be an architect to participate in his course. Chakars interests reach far beyond architecture. Just to get a little impression… more »
05/03/17 22:59 Summer Academy 2017

Ruth Noack

  Ruth Noack is trained as artist and art historian. She is an enthusiastic teacher. Since the 1990s she has worked as art critic, university lecturer and exhibition maker. As curator she is most well known for documenta 12. This huge exhibition… more »
28/02/17 11:26 Summer Academy 2017

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