Category: "Summer Academy 2017"

A short interview with... Sabrina Steinek and Sabine B. Vogel

Summeracademy: Everyone can start a blog, what are important facts to consider? Steinek/Vogel: If you are considering to start a blog make sure you have something to talk about. If you wanna blog on contemporary art it needs more then just nice images.… more »
27/02/18 16:07 Summer Academy 2017, Summer Academy 2018

A short interview with... Mark Van Yetter!

Summeracademy: Mark, what is painting for you? Why do you paint? Mark: Painting is a way to respond to my time on earth, a way to filter existence.  As to why I paint, this is a question I often ask myself, the reason becomes most clear to me when I… more »
19/02/18 18:13 Summer Academy 2017, Summer Academy 2018

2018 Course Programme

We are happy to announce the 2018 course programme of the Salzburg International Summer Academy.  more »
15/01/18 17:56 Summer Academy 2017, Summer Academy 2018

New website in January

We will  have a new homepage in the midst of January 2018. It was more difficult than we thought, therefore we had to postpone the going public for another three weeks. It will be beautiful and we'll have a great course programme 2018 which will be… more »
23/12/17 15:01 Summer Academy 2017

The Summer Academy You Tube channel!

A lot of the participating students and teachers can't attend all of our evening events, because they want to continue working in the studios. Furthermore there are a lot of other interested people that just can't come to Salzburg for a single lecture. … more »
07/12/17 16:05 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017

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