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On Energy and Excitement from a Blogger's Perspective

Since the beginning of my six-week adventure in Salzburg, I have heard many teachers at the Academy mention that energy changes throughout the course. “The energy does wear off,” said Grace at some point and these words echo in my head, this week… more »
18/08/17 23:00 Summer Academy 2017

Transitioning Through the Periscope

Every Summer Academy is surrounded with a lot of collateral events and one of the favorites is the exhibition at Periscope. This project is executed as an off-site exhibition, dedicated to the less-visible, but very important participants at the Academy… more »
17/08/17 17:51 Summer Academy 2017

Practicing the Ways of Seeing

After checking in with a few classes in the morning and collecting my thoughts, I joined, or rather - was allowed to join, the writing class of Kimberly Bradley and her co-teacher Andrea Kopranovic in a very artsy tour of the town. Both educational and… more »
16/08/17 22:10 Summer Academy 2017

In Love with the Stone - I Spoke with Andreas Lolis

“I do not go to work, I go to make love with the material” is one of the first statements Andreas Lolis shared with the audience, setting the tone of his talk. Packed with people, the small living room of the stone sculpture class felt rather cosy, as… more »
15/08/17 17:39 Summer Academy 2017

Building an Art Institution? Here's What to Keep in Mind!

Week number 4 at the Summer Academy hosted a very dynamic class in institution building led by Diana Campbell Betancourt. A keen and energetic group of students came with their own ideas, some of which changed completely in the course of one week, all… more »
14/08/17 11:58 Summer Academy 2017

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