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The Art of Tiny Objects. I talked to Marc Monzo about the Jewelry Class

Tucked inside the big red Künstlerhaus structure, on the side, there is a small room with people working around strange tables, with miniature, ancient-looking tools, bent over their small creations. A regular visitor will not know that this is the Jewellery design class of the Summer Academy, led by renowned jeweler Marc Monzó and his co-teacher Andrea Durianová.


Marc wearing one of the prototypes


Oddly enough, I managed to get lost on my way to the Künstlerhaus, for some reason convinced that the famous Kunstverein is before, and not after the bridge. Still, I got there and got a lovely tour of the workshop from Marc, as him, Andrea and I engaged in a conversation.

Marc and Andrea are back teaching the jewelry class for the second time. Their group counts seven people and the structure is diverse. Some of them have extensive experience in jewelry making and design and some are dedicated to this noble craft seeing it more as a creative outlet. To be fair, none of the students dabble in the jewelry making superficially, some of them doing extensive and serious research in finding the right expression.

Moving through the narrow space of the workshop I saw all kinds of wearable pieces in the making, different materials and a rather curious set of objects. Never looking at the art of jewelry as an object-making craft, I inquired about it.

Where is the line between the object and the wearable thing, I wondered?

I think it’s a blurred line. I don’t like to talk about art or craft, everybody can define this for themselves. Also, every individual can decide what can be wearable or not. In different cultures, people can wear very big objects and in other, they like very tiny things. There’s no one truth about it. The line between jewelry and object is very interesting, it’s quite thin. That makes it more exciting,” was the response I got, which only opened more questions in my mind. Perhaps I’ve been viewing the art of jewelry all wrong - it a sovereign craft, but also art, depending on the perspective. Nevertheless, my remark that jewelry might be observed as the small sculpture was rejected by Marc. “Jewelry for me is just jewelry, sculpture is another thing,” he said, while Andrea was more open to the idea, continuing, “I think that you can understand jewelry as tiny sculpture, I don’t have a problem with this idea. It’s spatial, material, related to the body true, but still.”

Diverting the talk back to the course, I learned that there will definitely be some interesting ideas developed, but less completed work. Naturally, ideas carry the entire production process. “it's more about the experience which is like the seed for the future. Many of the practices they are doing here, they will for sure continue in the future,” said Marc, confirming a standpoint many of the Summer Academy teachers have, regardless of their area.

Finally, there will be connections and friendships, mentioned Andrea, while Marc reflected that the students are “not just doing jewelry - it means more to them. That’s inspiring to see.

With great curiosity, I will be looking forward to the jewelry class Open Day.


Playing with shadows
A shadow ring prototype
Some of the jewelrs' tools didn't change for millenia!
Workbook for objects



Yes, it's Friday. Raining. And the week is not yet over - there are Open Days today and a talk by Andreas Lolis at the quarry tomorrow. He's fine, by the way.

Read ya later!



11/08/17 14:53 Summer Academy 2017

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