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Like this you can check out for instance the lectures by Michael Beutler from 2017 

and Paulina Olowska, who talks to Sabine Breitwieser, director of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

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07/12/17 16:05 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017

Sing mein Sachse, sing!

by Alexandra Schmidt

What happened to this record?“ is my first spontaneous response, when Tex Rubinowitz told me about how he once was standing on the jumble sale at the Vienna Naschmarkt with a single of “Sing my Saxon, sing”. the one came from the one side and from the other side came the other adored artist, the suspense is rising – what would happen if they both meet each other by chance at a “one-man-stand” with only one product?

Well: he still had the record. And offered it to me. I should do something with it – after the official part I go on to him and give him my address, one week later the single is in my letterbox. Ow – now I really have to come up with something – at least 100 people noticed it.

Ok. At the jumble sale of “Picknick im Park” in Salzburg I prepare myself. No two artists come across each other. A few sellers take for a short look at me. My friend takes a few pictures. I cannot hold on for a long time. But I do not really have a connection to this record and the title and the line of this chorus: “…bis nunder nach Bulgarschen tu isch die Welt beschnarschen…”.


But I will do two things this summer, with the feeling that it comes near to what Tex describes in his episode: I present myself in front of the Festspielhaus in Salzburg with a sign in my hand, which shows: “search ticket”. Once at the “Jedermann”, once at “Ariodante”, one of Händel´s opera. Every time I arrive, I´m not the only one there. The others are not delighted about me being there. I look awesome – an old friend that I meet a little while before, tells me out of the blue : “You look cool – you always look cool”. Yes, thanks – that was the intention . I thought, if someone had a second ticket, because someone got ill, got stood up or booked with Air Berlin (and therefore is late), then he would love to have a person sitting next to him that looks awesome.

Very wrong: many tickets had been given as a present or passed at really low prices – to older people, who were not that well dressed and to obvious art students. I never had success – but anyway I had fun: so many jealous views from men who obviously would rather give their tickets away. And don´t have to sit in the opera for four hours, when they – like I did afterwards – could also spend a nice summer evening in a beer garden.

But also many superior views from people who have a ticket – and a few comments like: “where did you lost your ticket?” hahaha.

The superior views predominate. They said: “I´m not in the need of something like this.” or “I can buy my ticket on my own.”

The best moment was when an old lady, who got a 420-euro ticket as a present five minutes prior to the beginning, came over to me really relieved: “You already have one? Not? Wait for it, I stay a little, maybe I can help you.”



You learn so much about people if you silently stand at one place for an hour and wait for something.

Does anyone want to continue the story? Tex Rubinowitz allowed me to pass the single on … 


27/09/17 10:06 Summer Academy 2016

Summer Academy 2018

Looking forward to seeing you again from 16 July to 25 August 2018.

New programme will be online in December 2017

31/08/17 14:14 Summer Academy 2016

SUMMER ACADEMY 2017 BLOG - Table of Contents



 17   In Between the Thought and the Artwork - The Focus is on Art Production! 
 18  At the Beginning, We Make Connections
 19  Making a Stepping Stone in Painting Practice - A Talk with Mark van Yetter
 20  Gesture as the fluid of life - a talk with Melissa Gordon
 21  The ABCs of Printing with Lukas Pusch
 21  The First Week of First Times
 24  Showing the Reality We Believe Inside - A Talk with Valerie Jouve
 25  Telling Stories Together with Tex Rubinowitz
 26  Thinking with Ruth Noack - A Few Words About the Curatorial Course
 27  Wednesday is the Day for Officials - The Landesrat Came By!
 28  Settling in. Am I Making Friends yet?
 31  The Story of Kokoschka
 1  The Magic of Untersberg
 2  Tony Chakar and the Class of Contemporary Flanerie
 3  Curating is working with people. People like Grace Samboh
 4  What Does it Mean to Be a Blogger?
 7  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Let Bernhard Martin Guide You! 
 8  Exploring Contemporary Drawing in Real Life with Till Megerle
 9  Jazzy Time: Art and the City
 10  Cake, Beer and Bosna - Getting the Actual Taste of Salzburg
 11  The Art of Tiny Objects. I talked to Marc Monzo about the Jewelry Class
 14  Building an Art Institution? Here's What to Keep in Mind.
 15  In love with the Stone - I spoke with Andreas Lolis
 16  Practicing the Ways of Seeing
 17  Transitioning Through the Periscope
 18   On Energy and Excitement from a Blogger's Perspective
 21  Working in Different Ways - I Talked to Michael Beutler About His Class
 22  Filmmaking is a Complex Thing. I Watched Distruktur and Their Students
 23  The Value of Gesture in a Magazine
 24  Miniature is More Than a Technique - I Talked with Aisha Khalid
 25  The Class of Paulina Olowska Exploded with Color
 26  So long, Princess! Chaos Calls!


I am grateful to all the Summer Academy staff - Hildegund, Simone, Gabi, Amy <3, and Laura.


Special thanks, I owe to the kings of my favorite room, technicians Thomas, Sebastian, Stephen, and Johannes who were kind enough to stoically bear with my moodiness, especially when good coffee was lacking.


I appreciate the openness of all the teachers and students. Belgrade is not across the world, so ring me up when you're in the Balkans.



Do skorog viđenja!




28/08/17 10:02 Summer Academy 2017

So Long, Princess! Chaos Calls!

Quiet Saturday morning. The time has come to tie the last knot in this online quipu, a reminder of the 2017 Summer Academy in Salzburg. After six intense weeks, I have met a lot of new people and many of the conversations I’ve had are still trapped in my RAM. I guess they will need a bit of time to settle in my permanent memory, so at this time, I am only capable of speaking about impressions.

Daily view from the Fortress


Salzburg, as many people know by now, has left an odd impression on me. It’s hard to find a fault in something so perfect and I would be wrong in saying that I don’t like it at all. In fact, I am smitten with landscapes and views around it, it’s wonderful how the city is completely adapted to bicycle riders, coffee is good, and pastry shops are impossible to resist. However, constant tourist throngs, stage-set-like perfection of the center and persistent lack of spices in local food have killed the mood more than once. Still, I cannot say that this is where I’ve spent my month and a half.

Elevated from the city’s beaten track, the Summer Academy is a village in itself. A never ending swarm of people from the arts, it provides a completely different environment filled with life and creativity. Clean medieval walls accept whatever is thrown on them with grace, as the atmosphere changes along with the courses. Finally, my absolute favorite thing about Salzburg are the people I have met at the Fortress - the entire staff plus many of the partakers have been open and kind, contagiously relaxed, curious and respectful. And most of all - interesting, making a welcome contrast to the somewhat stale flawlessness of the city below.

Now, I am looking forward to going back to Belgrade. Despite the continuous political turmoil, completely chaotic urban planning (or the lack thereof), dreadful traffic and lots of temper, my hometown has a set of its own perfect spots, nooks to discover, modeled after the deeply embedded need of the Balkan people for socialization and enjoyment. We love us a bit of chaos, mixed with passion and slight recklessness. We love to spend long hours drinking coffee with friends, we love to cook and eat together and we have a specific sense of humor. It’s a matter of mentality, I guess. And nothing will ever be perfect in my city, even if things do get in sensical order, but that’s alright. Because for me, that is home.

A Salzburger institution, the Summer Academy has provided me with a bit of turbulence hidden in trials and errors, messy studios, junk-filled spaces and creative disorder. It’s doubtful that I could have lived through 6 smooth weeks in this lovely town, had it not been that artistic chaos I crave so much.

Now, I must say farewell to Salzburg, the princess of Austria, and to the Summer Academy, its most interesting place.

Thank you for having me and may we meet again!


Belgrade sunset
26/08/17 11:45 Summer Academy 2017

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