Andreas Lolis

Fascinated by the relics of the 21st century, by all the things that as a society we discard on a daily basis, Andreas Lolis has been working since 2011 on a series of marble sculptures that are replicas of thrown-out boxes and styrofoam material.

One of those pieces is on show at the Fridericianum in Kassel within the presentation of the EMST during documenta14.


In his course at the Summer Academy he asks: What does it mean to work with a monumental material? And how can the traditional technique of stone sculpting simultaneously be contemporary?

The course is taking place at the Untersberg quarry, which for centuries has provided the so-calles “Untersberg-marble”, which is in fact limestone. The place offers the ideal conditions for different approaches of working. As the student’s live and work directly on site at the quarry for four weeks, the atmosphere is very inspiring.



23/06/17 15:40 Summer Academy 2016


“Muito romantico” is a film entitled by Distruktur. It is a stream that carries along hearts and minds. A playful rearrangement of experiences, memories and fantasies into a journey transcending space and time. Melissa and Gustavo cross the Atlantic to start a new life. They set sail on making films, friends and music, but fear awakens when a secret emerges. A cosmic portal opens up inviting them to expand their journey beyond time and space.

Check out the trailer


Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn have formed Distruktur in 2007, when they moved together from southern Brazil to Berlin. They started making films together in 1999, first on Super 8 and later on 16mm, their medium until the present day. Beyond conceiving and producing moving images, they appear as actors and musicians and act as lab technicians, doing a great part of the post-production work of their films. Films by Distruktur have been presented in festivals such as Berlinale, Torino, Moscow IFF and Videobrasil, as well as in Berlinische Galerie in Berlin, New Museum in New York, Paço das Artes in São Paulo, and Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre.

The 2017 course, held by Distruktur, at the Summer Academy proposes Film as a sensitive body and assumes, that 16mm film material has properties that react not only to light exposure but also to contact with other bodies and substances. 

20/06/17 15:25 Summer Academy 2016

Bernhard Martin

„I like to paint my own films“

Bernhard Martin has a radical, masterly way of combining different styles of painting to create complete narratives. This way of working makes him one of the principal representatives of his generation. His works, enhanced with supposed fragments of reality, reveal a fathomless universe of constructs bizarre in both style and content. He is constantly ready to experiment in all directions and wants to show the enriching potential of what is out of the ordinary. 

Check out this video of his lunch talk in 2015 at the Summer Academy. 


Already in 2015 Bernhard Martin held a course at the Summer Academy in Salzburg. We are glad, that he will return this summer and are totally looking forward to his course, which is already fully booked.

If you are interested in his work, there is an Artist’s talk on 2 August at 6 p.m. at Galerie 5020. Bernhard Martin will discuss the question of what contemporary paintings could look like in our sensation-hungry age? Can painting today survive autonomously beside other media? 

Check out the event's programme on our website"

16/06/17 10:25 Summer Academy 2016

The event's programme is online!

We are proud to present the 2017 event's programme of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts!

Produce Art! is the title of our programme, it is a call to action. Yes - let's produce some art. The primary aim of the programme of events (which includes lectures, art discussions, town walks, an exhibition and Open Days) is to offer a wide variety of insights into art production worldwide today. 
This year the "Global Academy" project continues with a series of lectures about different art scenes in Asia and the question of global curating.

So, take your time and have a look at all the event's we are offering this Summer. And we promise: It's gonna be wonderful!

Have a look at our website!

"Global Academy" Conference 2016, From left to right: Koyo Kouoh, Ahmet Ögüt, Inga Lace, © ISBK, photo: Mira Turba
14/06/17 18:14 Summer Academy 2016

Mark Van Yetter

„The life of a painter is a life filled with time spent alone. Painting is an act of focused solitude. I often feel it is an action that helps to divert one from concrete thinking. In this way it is an escape from what others might describe as “practical logic”. Painters create a visual interpretation of something; they do this not from nothing, but from their own experience. In a sense, they create their own world in the hope that others might gain a notable experience from it.“
Mark Van Yetter


Formal decision-making as a way to create meaning in an artwork, will be the focus of the painting course by Mark van Yetter in Salzburg. He himself uses figurative and abstract language in his own paintings, addressed to issues related to power and human interaction. His work often engages with macabre subject-matter while using a formal language that is both humorous and uplifting, creating an unsettling and complex dynamic.


Mark Van Yetter, annoyingly delicious, 2016, oil on paper, Courtesy the artist and Bridget Donahue Gallery

The American artist, based in Berlin, recently won the Fürstenberg Zeitgenössisch grant and has been presented in exhibitions internationally for over a decade. We are really glad, that he will hold a course at the Summer Academy this year.

09/06/17 14:02 Summer Academy 2016

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