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Exploring Salzburg, 2016, photo: Mira Turba

Week 4 / Monday 07 August–Sunday 13 August

Schmecken / Tasting

10.08.2017 18:00 / With all senses: Tasting
  • Language: German
    Meeting-point Traklhaus, Waagplatz 1a

    The trend of dealing with food in art is nothing new. Social questions may culminate in how we eat, and what we eat is a form of cultural exchange. Do we eat what we enjoy, or just what's put on the table? For centuries, lavish fare and exotic ingredients were reserved for the upper classes. Today, a far wider range is on offer - though, in a global perspective, accessible only to few. How have the food trade, eating traditions and gastronomy developed here, and influenced Salzburg's townscape? This will be explained by historian Professor Gerhard Ammerer, head of the Centre for Gastrosophy at Salzburg University, which has since 2009 been devoted to interdisciplinary teaching and research into nutrition, culture and society. www.gastrosophie.at

    Please book a place at office@summeracademy.at or tel. +43 662 842113