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Paolo Woods

What do you mean? / 21.07.2014–02.08.2014
Medium/Media: Photography
Location: Festung Hohensalzburg
Languages: English, French, Italian, German
What to bring: Laptop, camera, material from your own archives (hi-res images or negatives), prints. As much material as possible to show your ability.
Requirements: This is a course for photographers who have already understood the technical aspect of photography and want to develop their narrative skills.
Maximum number of participants: 20
Co-teacher: Christian Wind, Antoinette Zwirchmayr

I am convinced that photography has its own language. This means that to photograph you have to learn and master this language. Its vocabulary and grammar, obviously, and its history, inevitably. But more than ever today, any photographic work becomes interesting and necessary if the images are charged with a narrative. So we need to learn to tell stories: syntax, introduction, narrative and conclusion. Then of course we have to go and look for stories. They surround us and we need to learn how to recognise and decipher them and become obsessed with them until we make them our own. We have to learn to respect them.

Only at this point can we start adding questions of style and of form. Once we know “what” we want to photograph, this is the moment to look into the “how”. This is when we tackle all those methodological questions that haunt us when we take photographs.

The aim is to learn how to translate into the language of photography all that we have within and before us, and to make it understandable, shareable and visible.

In the final stage we will explore the different possibilities for artists to make their work known – press, galleries,  museums, the internet. In a rapidly changing environment, how and where should our work be present?

Biography: Paolo Woods