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Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber

Urban wish-production / 18.07.2011–06.08.2011
Medium/Media: Photography
Location: Alte Saline Hallein
Languages: German, English
Maximum number of participants: 20
Requirements: Basic knowledge of analogue/digital photography and image-editing. Interest in contemporary artistic and conceptional practices and readiness for group discussion.
What to bring: A documentation of some works of your own (on USB-stick/CD/DVD). Analogue or digital camera, and if possible a laptop with image-editing software.
This course explores specific possibilities of photographic production for the perception of town, architecture and everyday urban life. What visual spaces are produced by images of the town and its residents? In what way do such representations of urban life influence the way we live, see and apprehend the urban environment? What expectations are raised, what demands made, what wishes aroused?
We will explore everyday urban life in individual and group excursions. The content of this research and examples of current artistic working methods will be the subject of intensive discussion on the potential of artistic treatment of the visuality of urban life as determined
by competing social, political and economic interests. The aim is to sharpen the conceptional approach to these questions, and to test the technical processes and modes of presentation available to photography.
Assistance: Susi Krautgartner