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Global Academy Lectures

The project begun in 2016 with the Global Academy conference continues this year with five lectures, four of which deal with diverse art scenes on the vast continent of Asia, all having attracted increasing interest over recent years. Ghalya Saadawi talks about transnational contemporary art using the example of BeirutVirginia Whiles about Pakistan, Diana Campbell Betancourt about Bangladesh and Grace Samboh about Indonesia.

We are interested in the way art is taught and learned in those regions, and whether there are new initiatives which not only carry on the history of the colonial academies, but also strike out in innovative, independent directions. We would also like to know how regional scenes develop, what institutions (museums or off spaces) there are, what their history is, under what conditions art is produced, how the market works, and what kind of relationship exists between regional links and the global art world.

The focus on Asia resulted from the fact that a not inconsiderable proportion of the teaching staff comes from this continent – including Tony Chakar (Beirut), Aisha Khalid (Lahore), Diana Campbell Betancourt (Dhaka and Philippines) and Grace Samboh (Yogyakarta). In addition, Ruth Noack, one of the leading representatives of a universal curatorial approach, will talk about “global curating”.

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Artist's talks

Further art discussions with (almost) all the teachers highlight their diverse artistic production. One key question turns on radically different approaches to painting. Melissa Gordon explores the role of gesture in abstract painting. Bernhard Martin combines very different subjects and styles of painting, encouraging experiment in all directions, such as confronting “old-master” with computer-generated motifs. Paulina Olowska sees painting more as a means of producing pictures – as a direct reflex of life itself. Mark Van Yetter addresses the narrative structure of a picture, asking how far not only what is represented, but also how it is represented, can convey the message of a work.

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