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"Topographie der Gemeinheit", 2012, three-part installation (Kino/Sintflut/Rabenbaum), detail, sandstone, vitrine

Lunch Talks

Christoph Schäfer

30.07.2012 13:00 / Lunch Talk
Location: Alte Saline Hallein
  • Language: German or English

    Christoph Schäfer presents two of his most recent works. Topographie der Gemeinheit [topography of the commons], 2012 is a three-part project for the German-Dutch sculpture programme raumsichten –kunstwegen on the border near Bad Bentheim. Here Schäfer sets important new boundary marks by dealing with a common parcel of grazing land – an example of mediaeval land tenure – which still exists as a co-operative woodland.

    Together with Margit Czenki and quartier vier architects, Schäfer is currently developing a temporary Container University for Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen. The team has taken advantage of the temporary situation to join with the students in exploring new ways of using space by designing a place for lectures, etc. administrated by the students themselves. This creates a kind of studio/laboratory situation, in which local knowledge and academic scholarship are mutually beneficial, and where it is possible to explore how a post-industrial city might be organised.

    Hamburg artist Christoph Schäfer’s conceptual installations are based on precise observations of everyday urban life. His subjects are urbanism, youth culture, theme parks, fashion, grey markets and revolt.